SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Occupy Sacramento protesters will march back to City Hall tonight at 5 p.m. in their continued effort to be allowed to camp overnight at Cesar Chavez Park, organizers said.

The group will be at the 5 p.m. council meeting and its request to assemble 24 hours a day is on the council agenda, organizers said.

So far, 58 arrests have been made by Sacramento police since Oct. 6 at the park, organizers said. Occupy Sacramento argues it hsas First Amendment right to remain in the public park and assemble peacefully. Most were arrested for unlawful assembly.

Noted war protester Cindy Sheehan was arrested Sunday when 19 people were arrested. She said she plans to return tonight to see if the city would make accommodations for Occupy Sacramento.

Occupy Sacramento argues the city is wasting valuable resources by spending thousands of dollars arresting nonviolent demonstrators. Sunday, Sacramento police used at least 40 police vehicles and 65 officers to arrest 19 people, organizers said.

Among those arrested were a man in a wheelchair and another who had to be hospitalized, organizers said.

Comments (9)
  1. Jackson says:

    I would be okay with the protestors staying all night … as long as they be quiet during the overnight hours. Yelling, Bullhorns, Car horns, loud music must be shut down at night if they want to stay there. AND they have to clean up and keep the park clean. But if they can’t respect a quiet period overnight and want to trash the park and neighborhood with their garbage, then forget it.

  2. The Jones' says:

    Jackston, so u sided with the 1%er?

  3. Butt Ugly says:

    These losers have a right to free speech but not a right to sleep in tents and to sleep like bums our streets and parks….where is our mayor hiding? he with these creeps?…Cindy Sheehan needs to put some makeup on before she causes everyone to puke all over everybody…butt ugly…you know what I mean bro?

  4. Delwyn Shelley says:

    I am part of the 99% that think these people are ridiculous…

  5. Jackson says:

    It shouldn’t matter who I side with … asking the protestors to respect the neighborhood by keeping the noise down and the trash cleaned up during the overnight hours is just plain being respectful. They want people to respect their postion, fine they have a right to protest … but, respect works both ways … and their rights end where my rights begin … I realize that most of them have a hard time understanding that concept since everything they do is just about them. The “rules” don’t exist to hold the protestors down, they exist to protect those who choose not to participate with them.

    Since however, you seem to want to brand me … then show me on the side of the 53% …

  6. marc says:

    Then you must allow the homless to camp at the public parks and the drug dealers to sell drugs there in the middle of the night! or rapist ,child molester,kid nappers. you need to look a little further than the end of your nose when making or changing laws!!!

  7. newie68 says:

    With close to 1 million people in the city and county of Sacramento and about 100 idiots hanging around the park, i must question the math!! Now, my figurin’ ain’t never been all that good, but I believe that 99% of Sacramentans should be a slightly larger crowd!!! Wait til winter sets in, they will all be back in their Mama’s basements sipping hot chocolate and throwing logs on the fire!!!

  8. lijingjing says:

    Unknown message

  9. Wake up America says:

    Who is more greedy, the person that works for their wealth or the person that demands that it be given to them?

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