MODESTO (CBS13) -– Two men have been arrested in connection with metal thefts from seven city parks in Modesto, according to police.

For the last several months, thieves have been targeting public parks and restrooms stealing brass plaques, plumbing, bathroom fittings and wiring.

Police have gotten reports of thefts from several parks including Graceada, Caesar Chavez, Beard Brook, Robertson Road, Vallentia, Toulumne River Regional Park and Standiford Parks.

Because the parks are operated and maintained by the city, much of the stolen merchandise was engraved with “City of Modesto” markings. While investigating, police were tipped that city property was being purchased at Yosemite Recycling.

Police arrested Yosemite Recycling owner Mohamed Rahimi of Tracy for stolen government property and possession of property identified by a government agency.

They also arrested 43-year-old Walter Schroeder of Modesto. He was identified as the man who brought the property to the recycler. He is facing charges of grand theft and possession of stolen property.

Modesto detectives are going to continue to conduct compliance checks of recycling centers and extra patrols in the parks.

Beard Brook will have to be closed for several weeks for repairs.

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  1. Richard S. Hughey says:

    A drug addict and a greedy old muzzie who lives here but turns a blind eye to the theft of community property. Ruin’s our parks because he is an enabler and now he has been caught red handed. This is why their old countries are a sh/ithole and they don’t mind making our home the same way. Just as long as he can take his kids or grandkids to the local masque play area.

  2. Melissa in NorCal says:

    I’m glad they caught the recycling center. It must be obvious to law enforcement that these centers are implicit in the crimes when they know where things come from. I hope they throw the book at him. Then, I hope they turn him over to be punished under Sharia – bye bye right hand.

  3. Glennis says:

    I haven’t figured out why those rycycling centers are not made to answer for buying stuff they darn well know is stolen! There should at least be fingerprinting and pictures taken of people who bring stuff in and a wait of least one month before receiving payment.

    1. James says:

      they are suppose to take their pics, thumb prints and all the details about the car or truck that they drive. Also they have to wait 3 days for the payment.

      go after all the recyclers and this would slow down or stop from happening. Get them and force them to do the job correctly or put them in jail.

  4. James L Petty Sr. says:

    Take the arab out and drop his pants and with a very sharp knife change him from a baritone to a tenor!!!

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