Today, Don has decided to change the seating arrangements in the studio, so now Phantom sits directly across from him, while Dave sits on the side. Dave doesn’t like it at first, but then warms up to it. McDonalds drops off about 40 McRib sandwiches for the guys to try, after hearing the guys talk so badly of it yesterday. The guys decide to have a McRib eating contest, and even call in Julie from KNCI across the hall to try one. After the contest Don talks about the new season of The Office, and the new season of Beavis and Butthead. We then hear Kris Jenner’s “Indian giver” comment on Good Morning America, and Jimmy Kimmel’s “tell your kids you ate all their candy” bit.

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After discussing the numerous fights that Craig and Joe have seen outside the 7 Eleven on Madison Ave at 4 in the morning, Don makes his weekly calls to Green Bay, this time around, he calls so early that the Brett Favre Steakhouse is not open yet, so he goes to the John Wayne soundboard to leave a message. The guys then get a visit from NFL Hall Of Famer James Lofton, who tells the guys that both the Bengals and 49ers are for real, and how happy he is about the Bills doing so well. Afterwards, the guys pick the NFL games for this Sunday.

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Doug the Car Czar then stops by the studio, talks about his Sunday morning TV show, and takes calls from listeners looking for car advice. Don likes him so much that Doug sticks around for 2 segments, and Don even talks about getting him a Saturday morning show on KHTK! Don then plays a tape of a slightly effeminate man getting pulled over and ripping the news reporter who happens to be there. We then hear some class Alex Trebek, Colonel Sanders, and Larry King tapes before hearing about an 83 year old Iowa man arrested on charges of prostitution.

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It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: The unemployment rate has dropped for the first time since July, Glee is going to have a gay sex scene in an upcoming episode, and Lady Gaga doing a 90 minute interview with Katie Couric to air on Thanksgiving. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!