By Nick Janes

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Another rash of accidents is being blamed on dense fog in the Valley, including a fatal crash in Stockton on Tuesday morning.

The problems started well before sunrise when a man trying to push a disabled car off of Interstate 5 in Stockton was hit and killed. The accident happened on southbound I-5 just north of March Lane around 3:30 a.m.

The man was outside his disabled vehicle trying to push it out of the roadway when another driver slammed into him, pinning him under the car and killing him.

CHP says the driver of the other vehicle was traveling about 60 mph and did not see the disable car in the dense. The driver says he tried to swerve but it was too late.

“We do have indications that the headlights were on, but due to the dense fog and low lighting conditions, a vehicle coming along at 60 miles an hour or less is on top of it in no time,” CHP Sgt. Troy Rivers said.

Witnesses had originally told CHP that there was a second person inside the disabled car. Officers closed the freeway as they searched for a possible second body but later determined there was only one person involved.

Minutes later, a second crash occurred in just about the same spot. A car rear-ended a big rig near Benjamin Holt Drive.  A third accident was reported on the northbound side of I-5.

“Since the Thanksgiving weekend, fog has been extremely dense and we’ve been fortunate there haven’t been further instances of this,” said Sgt. Rivers.

In Roseville, investigators are not sure if fog played a part in a serious accident that happened around 7 a.m on Roseville Road. Officers say a sedan drifted into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a big rig.

The driver of the sedan was rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries. The big rig driver had minor injuries.

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  1. BoobieC says:

    Heavy fog is NOT to blame for this fatality or the rest of the numerous other accidents. The blame falls upon too many ignorant and distracted drivers who drive way beyond their skill level, and drive too fast, no matter what the road/weather conditions. Too many people initially obtain a drivers licenses with a minimum of skill level and NEVER progress beyond that minimum level. In Europe, it takes 12-18 months and a lot of euro, to get a license to drive after numerous written and driving tests. Getting a license to drive in the USA is easier than buying alcohol for underage kids.

    1. jm says:

      You are truely an idiot.

      1. ibra says:

        so you think driving 60mph in fog is a great idea and would not have contributed to this accident?

      2. jm says:

        No Ibra, I just get a little uppity when people start using false comparisons in the hopes of promoting additional laws.

    2. Melissa in NorCal says:

      Not really. Have you ever been to Europe? They drive as bad as us. Try again. I know, I’ve been in more accidents there than here and I wasn’t the driver.

  2. gna says:

    Trying to save a car or preventing an accident. . . . .why didn’t he drive his car off the road in the first sign of vehicle malfunction. . . .looks like he won’t have to worry about that anymore. . . . . . .

  3. Never Learn says:

    Please driver faster in heavy fog. No it’s ok, the fog actually enhances your vision and reaction. So please, go faster if you want to, no limit!!

  4. Bilski says:

    It’s bad enough to have people driving 60 mph in dense fog. Now we have to decipher the story about the tragedy as it is filtered through the dense fog of the writer’s brain. Proofread, people!

  5. Xavier Pederson says:

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  6. Vaclav Philipp says:

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