By Michelle Ventress

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Packing for any trip can be potentially stressful. If you’re packing for a long weekend to visit your in-
laws in the freezing Midwest, packing can seem downright dreadful. To make the chore a little easier to bear, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite tips and packing must haves. Experts advise packing at least two days prior to leaving and revising those choices the day before. They also recommend calling your hotel in advance to make sure your room will have a hair dryer so you can leave yours at home and
investing in travel-sized toiletries.

Wrinkle Remover

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Sometimes, despite our very best efforts in packing to avoid wrinkles, the inevitable happens and that favorite dress shirt is a wrinkled mess upon being pulled from the suitcase. In times such as this, be sure that you have your wrinkle remover on hand. In a variety of brands, some eco-friendly, you can find
the one that is right for you. Many come in travel sizes. Some wrinkle removers simply come in a spray bottle. Just spray your clothing and tug out the wrinkles – no one will know how far you’ve traveled.
Find yours at a local pharmacy or CVS.

Choose a Color Palette

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Just because you’re one of those lucky people that have been blessed with a skin tone that allows you to wear everything from magenta to chartreuse doesn’t mean a vacation is the time to exercise that ability. Stick with a single color palette (browns or blues for example) and accessorize with pieces that fit those colors. Sticking with one color scheme throughout the trip will allow you to wear multiple clothing items with different accessories and create unique looks with the few outfits your brought along.

Shoe Bags

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If the luggage you’re taking doesn’t allow for a special shoe compartment, it might be time to invest in some shoe bags. Sure, a couple plastic grocery bags will also protect your clothing from the filthiness your shoes bring to the suitcase, but shoe bags are reusable, washable and generally just better for the environment. You can also have them personalized and choose your colors.

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Black Pants

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Black pants are a super simple article of clothing that belongs in just about everyone’s suitcase. Dress
them up with heels and classy jewelry or wear them with cute flats and a sweater for a more casual look. Make sure you choose a pair that can be worn at multiple occasions and are comfortable. Express has plenty of black pants, ranging from casual to work and holiday party appropriate.

Tank Tops or Long Sleeved T Shirts

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Depending on your destination, some solid color tank tops and/or long sleeved t shirts need to be added to your travel wear. They can be layered under other shirts or sweaters for warmth, paired with cute jackets or worn alone with your favorite pair of jeans. Plus, they’re lightweight and can be rolled up and squeezed into just about any open space in your bag. The Gap Outlet in Folsom is a great way to stock up on basic tanks for a great price.

Winter Coat

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Again, depending on your destination, you’ll want to have your winter coat with you. Because they can be bulky, wear it on the plane so it doesn’t take up valuable space in your suitcase. If possible, pick a coat that is neutral enough to go with all of your outfits and comfortable enough that you’ll actually wear it. Splurge and invest in a Burberry trench to last a lifetime at the Burberry outpost in Roseville. Or, grab a perfect trench for less from Banana Republic.

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Michelle Ventress is a freelance editor and writer in the Sacramento area where she lives with her husband and two dogs. When not writing, Michelle enjoys traveling, gardening and volunteering.