CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — Some kids smile when they see him, others stare, and, yes, there’s always those who cry. But one thing their parents all have in common: the wait.

“Last year I think we waited for an hour and a half,” said Jennifer Shamblin at the Sunrise Mall about waiting in line for her kids to make their Christmas wish to Santa Claus.

But this year Shamblin’s family took advantage of the virtual cue where no line is necessary. She reserved a spot for her kids to sit with Santa.

“You can walk around the mall do some shopping and we’ll text you when you reach the front,” said mall worker Stephanie.

“Within 15 to 20 minutes we were able to come back and just come right up to Santa,” Jennifer said.

The first text gives you your estimated wait time, you’ll get texted again when you have 10 minutes, and one last text pops up when it’s your kid’s turn to take a seat.

Sunrise Mall is one of a few shopping centers around the country to give the text system a test run.

“I really appreciate them considering other peoples’ time during this busy holiday season,” Jennifer Malone said.