By Maria Medina

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) – A medical marijuana dispensary has been dealing with long lines all afternoon. On Friday, the dispensary in Orangevale handed out marijuana for free.

Mention the word free, and it’s certain to attract attention. But even Magnolia Wellness customers didn’t expect the line to be as long as it was.

“I thought I could get something for free, but didn’t realize it’d be this much popularity,” said Gary Grosius, a Magnolia Wellness customer.

Customers line up for free cannabis in Orangevale. (credit: CBS)

On the heels of a federal and county crackdown of medicinal marijuana dispensaries, the owner of the Orangevale shop says he wanted to go out with a bang — or a bong.

On his last day, he held a holiday party of sorts. But instead of holiday cookies or eggnog, he gave a gram of cannabis to customers.

Video: Customers spoke out about the closure

“I think it’s awesome to give back to the community like that,” said Magnolia Wellness customer Sam Houston.

Magnolia is giving back to the community of patients who say there’s a cost behind today’s free giveaway.

“A lot of people actually rely on it for medication, and so a lot of people are going to have to suffer and drive out a lot further,” said Sam.

The door closes at 8 p.m.

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  1. Fred says:

    I wish I had the chocolate-chip cookie concession…

  2. Cait says:

    There were a few things wrong with this broadcast. First, they did serve holiday cookies and treats in addition to free top shelf! Second, they had a security guard go to the back of the line at 8 so that people would not continue to come after 8 to stand in a line. All those that were still in line after 8 in front of the security guard still got in!

    Thank you to Magnolia Wellness. Your kindness will be missed.

  3. Curious says:

    So let me understand … these people are so sick that only marijuana relieves their symptoms … but they aren’t too sick to stand is a line for 3 or more hours for a chance to get it for free. And while willing to standing in line for hours … they complain about having to drive 30 minutes away for any future refills.

    1. Aubrey says:

      That’s probably why you didn’t see any of our older patients in line, because they were unable to do so. They also chose medicinal cannabis as their alternative to the pharmaceuticals which cause a number of negative side effects where as cannabis has almost none. They are willing to stand in line because most of them wanted to say their goodbyes to their family at Magnolia Wellness and give thanks. Of course they are stating that they’re unhappy they’ll have to travel somewhere else to obtain their medication because they enjoyed their experiences at Magnolia Wellness and grew comfortable with the environment and family there.

    2. CT says:

      I suppose by your rationale, pharmacies should never have lines since the people that need the drugs should be too sick to stand in line and wait hours to get them. When you are sick and need something to give you relief, you (well, probably not you since you apparently have never been sick or in pain based on your lack of empathy) will stand in line however long you have to in order to get what you need.

  4. gna says:

    Potheads are sick alright, sick in the head. . .;)

  5. Jack Bohanion says:

    Stupid druggies hope this weed kills them.

    1. Stoney Trails says:

      I have been trying for 30 years and I’m still alive and well. Thanks to WEED!!!

    2. joseph says:

      impossible to die from pot alone

    3. Flower says:

      How bad is your life Jack that you’d wish death upon people who are just living their lives. Why does cannabis make you so upset? Open your eyes.

    4. Your DAD says:

      You’re such a pathetic loser Jack! lol well your name is Jack, figures. lol

    5. ritmocojo says:

      And I hope a drunk drive runs over your hiney.

  6. Ken says:

    Why would anyone wish Death upon someone for simpley aleviating painful or diabiliting symptoms or disease or resulting side affects of treatment. Cmon Jack not everyone is a “Fer Sure ” Pott head. My sister in Law used Marijuana and it assisted in her end of life stress, Assisted in her appitite and quality of life long enough for her to get her things in order. Many people in this country drive blindly down the path of Proabition not understanding nor ever witnessing waht drives folks to do in bad or even desperate situations. Empathy probably isn’t in youir vocabulary nor at part of your upbringing. Leagelize and save all of the money spent on incarceration and apply to the homeless and thos really needing help. Alcohol should be prohibited !

    1. farquar says:

      Ignorant people influenced by movies like ‘Marijuana Madness’ buy into nonsense and condemn what they don’t understand.

      I could not agree more with your opinion, we are making progress, but it is difficult to educate close minded people that prefer to remain ignorant.

      If we should prohibit something, it should be the DUI lawyers advertising, how many DEATHS has their actions lead to? Many, I bet, and I’ll put money on that.

  7. Blitzen says:

    WE have never smoked anything but believe if there is a safe weed that helps those individuals in pain to have relief without the dangerous side effects that
    “LEGAL” prescribed drugs have then they should be able to get it , of course it would put many high paid executives in the legit pharmacy companies out of work. These companies are selling drugs legally that have side effects that can kill ya. if they could get their weed cigs legally it would put the murdering Mexican drug cartel out of business, we can’t have that.

  8. gary grosius says:


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