By Grant Napear

Austin Collie, WR for the Colts, joins Grant Napear to share his thoughts on the disappointing season that nobody could have predicted. First sharing his thought on Kings rookie Jimmer Fredette saying, “I am very impressed, No question you can tell that when he was on the floor the team looked more fluid.”

Switching gears and talking Colts football Collie expressed his feeling on the disappointing season saying, “I can’t put into words what this year has been like, it has been a long year.” When asked when he looks back on this season what will he take away from it? Collie replied, “It is not easy to win in this league. I feel that the first 6 we only made a few mistakes that cost us the game.” Talking about the ups and downs of the season Collie said, “I think the whole team feeds off of each others momentum, as we fought and fought early in the season and came up short that is deflating as a team.” Collie went on to say that once Peyton Manning comes back there will be rejuvenation on the team.


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