DAVIS (CBS13) – A CHP officer has been arrested on a number of molestation allegations against two children under age 14, according to Yolo County officials.

Officer Justin Prentice Morejohn turned himself in to authorities at the Yolo County Jail at 10 a.m. Thursday after the Davis Police Department issued a $1 million warrant on 10 counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 years old.

Authorities said the accusations against Morejohn involve at least two different victims, the youngest of whom was 10 years old when the abuse began. The alleged crimes first took place 1999 and lasted for three years, according to the criminal complaint.

The investigation began about five months ago after one of the alleged victims came forward last summer, authorities said.

Morejohn has been an officer with the California Highway Patrol since October 2007 and was assigned to the Capitol in 2010. He is on unpaid leave, according to CHP officials.

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  1. CopSpeak says:

    More police officers are convicted of child sex crimes than all other professions combined. It’s law enforcement’s “dirty little secret”, and one we are committed to exposing. Police officers use their positions of trust to violate our children. Their victims are threatened with physical harm and told no one will believe their word over that of a police officer. Please visit our Facebook pages to learn more about this silent plague that is at epidemic proportions: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tribute-to-survivors-of-child-sexual-assault-by-law-enforcement-officers/180584842010594?sk=wall

    1. resident says:

      He wasn’t a cop when the accusations took place. The allegations are from 1999-2001, the article says he joined CHP in late 2007. Check your facts.

      1. claudia says:

        so what are you saying- that that makes his crime ok ! Are you stupid?

      2. Matt says:

        Claudia, I believe he is refuting the above post regarding police officers being molesters. It may be correct about police officers but this case does not fall into the category the previous poster was talking about.

      3. J_H_M says:

        The charges that he while over the age of 18 molested children who so young that they would not have completed puberty, or perhaps even started. That is what is called a pedophile and pedophile’s are nearly always repeat offenders. So far his picture has not been made public so it is not surprising that later victims have not come forth. Since those later victims would be during the time when he was a police person, the CHP may be withholding his pictures just for the purpose of not having any later victims come forth.

    2. judge alan says:

      wow i checked out that fb page ALL COPS convicted of sexual assault,I have seen many articles on line about this. police use their position of trust and authority over the general public to force women and children to engage in sex acts they other wise WOULD NOT DO.
      they are criminals hiding behind the badge and you can not trust them EVER since you never know what sort of person is in that uniform.

      1. KEGROCKS says:

        These animals do what they want. The corrupt police brass cover it up with the help of pedophile judges.

    3. Snarf says:

      “More police officers are convicted of child sex crimes than all other professions combined”

      Please show your math, or STFU.

  2. Concerned says:

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty. CopSpeak, you want to crucify the guy without any due process. Something fundamental to Americans and our rights. While I don’t condone abuse in any manner, have you ever thought that he could be innocent and these could be trumped up charges by an envious or vengeful person. Why did they wait this long to present the allegations? Seems odd to me in many ways. I hope the officer is innocent and his life can get back to normal. If he is guilty, well that is another matter.

    1. JMHO55 says:

      While I agree that he should be considered innocent until proven guilty, it is very common for abused children — who often feel totally powerless as children or who think what adults do to them is “normal” — reach adulthood before being able to put things in perspective and take action. The fact that children wait until they become adults should not be a reason to doubt them.

  3. yourmamma says:

    Stupid idiot cop!

    1. KEGROCKS says:

      This pedophile will retire with a disability pension. His pedophile pals in blue will make the witnesses and victims change their testimony.

  4. Show his Face says:

    Had it been anyone else, they would have printed a picture of the Perv..
    He’s being protected.

    1. MAC49 says:

      Because he’s a cop? Get a grip!

    2. KEGROCKS says:

      Of course he is. The corrupt DAs office will squash this case while this pedophile collects his paycheck every week until he does a disability.

  5. chris says:

    It’s curious that this information didn’t show up during CHP’s background check, and other State-mandated psychological profile and other required parts of the vetting process. These procedures are very thorough.

    1. J_H_M says:

      Perhaps, based on the vetting and psychological profile, they vetters and profilers concluded–correctly–that he was a good fit for the CHP culture. That wouldn’t mean that he wasn’t a pedophile.

    2. pshaw says:

      State-mandated psychological profiles and evaluations are ludicrous wastes of time.
      Have you ever taken one? Funny thing is that my ex brother in law who is a paranoid schizophrenic/manic depressive passed!
      They mean nothing.

  6. mike says:

    A million dollar warrant for his arrest….HE IS GUILTY PERIOD! No doubt about it.

  7. Steve says:

    I must say any abuse of children is terrible but, do the math, he was 17 or so when this happened, not a cop and maybe the whole story is not being told…If he is guilty let him root in jail, if he is innocent, may the alleged victims to the same….

  8. GRAPEVINE says:

    Keep them all in prayer as this is not good either for a underage kid who thought he still was underage at the time of the case, all so pray for the damage that was done to these kids. NO ONE WINS, only prayer of there hearts change. May God touch all the hearts involved.

  9. karl says:

    some of you need to remember innocent untell proven guity and he was 17 at the time not a chp

  10. christine says:

    It doesn’t matter how old he was or if he was a cop or not a sex offender is a sex offender. plain and simple.

    1. MAC49 says:

      All minors who have had sex should be in jail and a registered sex offender? Not a jail big enough. More than likely most kids to day between the age of 12 and seventeen would be in jail and a registered sex offender. Now that doesn’t make any sense. If you get mad at your last sexual escapade, send their butts to jail and make them register as a sex offender.

      1. chelle says:

        The youngest of which was 10 at the time of the molestation. Your an idiot.

      2. MAC49 says:

        Chelle, AND HOW OLD WAS HE AT THE TIME! Your the idiot! Get ALL of the facts first before you start condeming. If she was 10 and he was seventeen, thats wrong. But if he was , , 11, 12, or 13, Thats a whole different story. If you had sex with anyone before you were 18 and not married you are saying, you and who ever the other person was should be a registered sex offender. Long registry full jail, if that is the case.

      3. TBT says:

        Well MAC49, it appears you didn’t even get all the facts from this one report before that nasty reply to chelle, much less bother to do any further research or, as you say, “get ALL of the facts”. From this report alone (see the video at the top of the article) it’s stated that Morejohn was 18 or 19 at the time of the alleged crime (initially, charges span three years). So even saying 18, that means the charges brought are that he began molesting a 10 year old boy when he was 18, continuing for three years, so 21 years old? Minimum. So in answer to your comment, no, not before he was 18. He was fully an adult from beginning to end of these charges, while both victims were UNDER 14 and one was 10. So given a review of the facts reported, perhaps you should rethink your reply.

  11. RAPTOR555 says:

    Being a retired sheriff I feel like these police molesters are making a bad name for law enforcement. I noticed that some here are saying that cops are #1 in molestation and think they should back that up with verifiable statistics. Making up statistics just shows the ignorance of the person making them. Police crimes are few and far between in my estimation.

    1. Horton says:

      Obviously you don’t have a clue: http://twitter.com/#!/InjusticeNews

    2. james says:

      Ask the kelly thomas family for proof. If you bums could make video cameras illegal these and more crimes would remain hidden, Police corruption is legendary. Then again the system is corrupt and you animals have cases covered up and then the animals in blue do a disability pension.

  12. URFULOFIT says:

    Is this a duplicate? is this a duplicate? RED ALERT! Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate! No more comments for YOU!

  13. URFULOFIT says:

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down. No more comments for YOU!

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