EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13/AP) – Authorities have confirmed a 34-year-old British man was killed while snowboarding last week at Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly Mountain Resort

El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies say Christopher Michael Perring of Great Britain tried to avoid running into someone else but hit a sign post and suffered blunt force trauma to his chest at about 3 p.m. on Jan. 17.

Lt. Les Lovell says Perring was taken to the Sky Meadows area of the resort for medical treatment, but was pronounced dead before an emergency medical helicopter could arrive.

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  1. sassafras says:

    You should never swerve to avoid another skier or snowborder who gets in your way you can be killed or injured and the other person gets off without a scratch, run right into him/her its better than hitting a tree or rocks, I’m serious, not kidding, been there done that and I don’t care who does’t agree.

    1. Charles says:

      Although your reasoning is crude, you are correct. People (bodies) are soft and will give, tree’s and sign’s will not.

    2. KY says:

      The person skiing downhill of you has the right of way. If you cannot avoid them you are going to fast for your skill level period

  2. jim peck says:

    More so than driving an automobile, you need to expect the unexpected on the slopes. Sometimes you just have to slow down to safely get past a crowd of slowpokes. But if the choice is between crashing into a tree/post or someone who swerved in from of me, I’ll take out the swerver. This sounds like the poor guy may have been on the edge of his capabilites and when someone encroached on this path, he lost control. You have got to be going really fast to get killed by trauma to the chest.

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