SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento County family court judicial official has been arrested on child molestation accusations after allegedly attempting to arrange to have teens pose naked for him.

Daniel Horton

Daniel Horton, 47, was arrested Wednesday. He was booked into the Sacramento County Jail and released on bail.

The Sacramento Police Department arrested Horton, 47, for annoying or molesting a child and for attempting to contact a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense.

Horton is a referee with the Sacramento Juvenile Dependency Court, hearing cases involving neglected and/or abused children under 18.

According to police, on several occasions Horton has presented himself as a modeling agent photographer. He has requested to photograph the victims, who are under age 18, in either a bathing suit or nude. Horton is believed to have discussed the fictitious “masturbation club” with minors and to have offered them money in exchange for sexual acts, police said.

The investigation revealed that Horton may have propositioned several teens and likely has additional victims under age 18.

Police said Horton drives a light gold 2002 Mercedes C320 and frequents the Folsom Boulevard corridor between State University Drive and Zinfandel Drive. He has also been seen in the Madison Avenue and Sunrise Boulevard areas.

The Sacramento Police Department asks anyone with information on this case to call the dispatch center at (916) 264-5471 or Crime Alert at (916) 443-HELP (4357) or text in a tip to 274637 (CRIMES).

Detectives urge anyone under age 18 who has been propositioned or approached by Horton to call police.

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  1. JMHO says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted. It’s bad enough when an average Joe takes advantage of minors. but this man is an officer of the court whose job it is to serve the best interests of children in family court. I’m sick to my stomach.

  2. mad as hell says:

    give this piece of s@%t a rope so he may serve justice to himself…………nothing else

  3. sassafras says:

    So many professionals in our schools and government committing sexual crimes involving children, what is happening here? One gay judge can overturn the vote of citizens three other ultra liberal judges can also rule over the citizens, corruption in this state is getting out of hand big time.

    1. LiberalButConservative says:

      How is your comment related to this article?

  4. hsj says:

    This is shocking but the reality is that Sacramento child agencies, FAMILY LAW COURT, JUDGES, LAWYERS AND COURT OFFICIALS have been abusing, kidnapping, murdering, child trafficking and extorting BIG FUNDS FOR MANY MANY YEARS UNDER THE GUISE OF LAW.

  5. help says: please look in to this big case

  6. Voice of Reason says:

    It has been brought to my attention that ppl who commit crimes like this have been subconsciously designing thier life around this singular act, for decade in most cases. This man knew he was attreacted to children even before he entered into college. Its really a shame there is not some type of psychological testing done for individuals in these positions dealing with minors.

    1. JMHO says:

      I’d like to know if court referees are ever alone with children in the cases they hear. I know they meet collectively with attorneys, social workers, and other relevant parties.

  7. It's out of hand! says:

    “And is out on bail…”
    I can not express the anger that permeates my being at this statement.
    And yet these courts set bail for hackers, or white collar criminals who had no child threatening offenses so high they can’t make bail.
    This system is out of hand and disgusting. Our children are being threatened and they turn around and let him walk out because they got their money.
    It is time for a revolution.

    1. JMHO says:

      I agree. Crimes against children should have substantially hire bail amounts and should have substantially stiffer penalties. We don’t take these crimes seriously enough and children pay the price throughout their lives. It’s disgusting.

  8. hsj says:


  9. Freebird says:

    Quick, before anyone notices, give him his pension! Freakin pervert.

  10. Reid says:

    Please dont lose sight of the fact that this is human being, a husband, and the father of a family. He obviously did many terrible things and will pay dearly for his actions but still deserves compassion. We are all sinners, and we should pray for healing and forgiveness rather than attacking. Justice will be served but mercy should not be forgotten either.

    1. JMHO says:

      Give me a BREAK! He deserves no compassion. We are NOT all sinners, and the vast majority of those who are don’t prey on children like this. Don’t ever try to put me or the vast majority of HUMAN beings in the same category as this guy. He knew exactly what he was doing and got away with it for as long as he could get away with it. I have no empathy for his situation. I do feel badly for his family, but he deserves nothing but shame, admonition, and justice to the fullest extent of the law. The children he has exploited will be paying for his abuse the rest of their lives.

  11. Freebird says:

    This is a Sacramento court commissioner who sat as a judge on many dependency and juvenile cases. How many families did this man destroy? This is a call on to the public who has had anything to do with him to demand a full redress of your case. Ya, the judge that gladly terminated your rights to your child just got arrested on child molestation charges!

    1. hsj says:

      There are many more corrupt judges like him, if not all. We have the three time convicted Judge Mcbrien still on the bench. The gross fraud, corruption, child abuse, child kidnapping, child murders, child trafficking is mostly covered up by the CORRUPT JUDICIARY of this miscreant and many other JUDGES. Their has been no redress allowed and it has been obdurately denied furthering heinous crimes against our children. Our legislatures are to blame and MAINLY THE JUDICIARY. THE GOVT IS RACKETEERING. THE NEW MAFIA

  12. rvg says:

    I am a father of three minors girls that sat at trial for a matter of hours in front of this almighty honorable refree.My 11 year old daughter at the time had to go behind doors and participate in questioning from this individual.She answerd yes to all but a couple of questions served to her.His persuasion and influence on my child led to the termination of my parental rights.My children are now adopted and I have no contact of any sort.My question to all is how was my trial a fair trial based on the actions unforseen ot this person at the time. Whether or not my child was proposiitioned while tn trial behind doors is questionable because I was in the court room.

    1. hsj says:

      Sorry to hear of your predicament, this is very, very sad. This happens everyday to our children here with the most corrupt judiciary in the Country.The Sacramento court judges and court officials have been selling and trafficking children for many years under the GUISE of LAW. The judiciary is corrupt and the media and govt have been covering up these heinous and sick SOB’S CRIMES. Please go to facebook and leave a PM at hztsnkrjr

  13. JMN says:

    He was me and my daughters JUDGE, wow……and he never even asked me to make a statement during those court ordered visits….Dang…he seemed always interested in what my daughters’ views were and what she had to say so that in thisway he could have been interested in checking her out as a potential “client” for his agency or sex club. Hhhhhmmmmm

    1. JMHO says:

      Based on what has been reported thus far, he hit on girls he found driving around — not girls in cases he presided over.

  14. hsj says:

    WHERE: William Ridgeway Family Courthouse on Power Inn Road, Sacramento
    WHEN: Thursday, Feb. 23
    TIME: 11:00-1:00 or later – last time we stayed til 3-4pm
    We have another platform with the arrest of Judge/REFEREE HORTON for CHILD MOLESTATION

    The Family Law Courts are full of CHILD PREDATORS.

    Please come and bring signs if you wish. We’ll meet at Starbucks at the SE corner of Power Inn Road and Ramona.
    If you need, wear a medical mask and a disguise, to prevent retaliation. This protest is inclusive of all PARENTS, MOTHERS, FATHERS, FAMILIES, TAXPAYERS AND ALL ADVOCATES FOR GOOD against the abuses, harm , child molestation, kidnapping, murder of our children by the FRAUDULENT AND CORRUPT FAMILY LAW COURTS.

    1. hsj says:

      New PROTEST date Thursday, March 8, 2012 – CHANGE PER COURT CALENDAR
      WHERE: Sacramento County Courthouse (Downtown Courthouse) 720 Ninth St., Sacramento, CA 95814, 9:00 AM Department 47 Downtown Courthouse
      WHEN: Thursday, March 8, 2012
      TIME: 8:30-10:00 +

      -9:00 AM Department 47 Downtown Courthouse

      The Family Law Courts are full of CHILD PREDATORS / CHILD MOLESTERS.

      Please come and bring signs if you wish. We’ll meet at west side entrance of courthouse on 8th street between G and H .

      If you need, wear a medical mask and a disguise, to prevent retaliation. This protest is inclusive of all PARENTS, MOTHERS, FATHERS, FAMILIES, TAXPAYERS AND ALL ADVOCATES FOR GOOD against the abuses, harm , child molestation, kidnapping, murder of our children by the FRAUDULENT AND CORRUPT FAMILY LAW COURTS.

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