LOS ANGELES (CBS13) — Sales of Powerade, Gatorade and other ports drinks could soon be limited at more California schools.

Supporters of a proposed bill that would limit the sales of sports drinks during the day at middle and high school campuses say most sports drinks contain high-fructose corn syrup and other high-calorie sweeteners.

State Assemblyman Das Williams authored the bill, which is sponsored by the California Medical Association. AB 1746 would amend existing education code that already bans the sale of sodas in schools.

“This bill aims to set the example of making healthful choices in life. Research shows that these sugary drinks directly relate to higher incidents of obesity and many youth – and adults – are still consuming them unnecessarily,” Assemblymember Williams said. “A 32 ounce sports drink has 14 teaspoons of sugar, kids jacked up on that much sugar have a harder time learning.”

Sports drinks are already banned at elementary schools.

If passed, it will go into effect next year.

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  1. pete says:

    here comes big brother

  2. drue says:

    Why can’t parents make the proper choices for their children? If they would, this would not even be an issue..

  3. garbAGE says:

    And there goes proper re-hydration during and after sports and PE.
    Do you know how many kids are winding up at the hospital because their glucose, electrolyte and potassium levels are too low because teachers won’t let them drink during PE or sports? TONS these days!
    Yet the one thing that can save their electrolyte levels from dropping too low…..[drinks that are converted in the body to much needed nutrients] are going to be banned.
    If my kids were school age, I would yank them out so fast your head would swim.
    High fructose corn syrup is converted into glucose in the body! It is a much needed ingredient to prevent dehydration and improve the performance of important synthesis in the body during activity. Why do you think they give glucose IV in the hospital if you come in dehydrated? Will they ban glucose IV s next because of weight issues? It adds the same calories to the body!
    I would bet you that this organization who is head of this bill, has a hand in the money made from nutri sweet which is QUITE dangerous and can cause a host of things to happen compared to fructose!
    ANYTHING in excess is going to cause weight gain. BUT, some things even in small doses are not worth the risk. Aspartame is one of them.
    Should we remove the bread, pasta and grains out of our diets too big brother? After all, if we eat the amount of bread servings you rec in your nation wide charts, women and children GAIN weight rapidly. We need balance. Not big brother telling us we are stupid, and can’t do anything ourselves.
    The government has controlled things so long, that our subconscious minds simply accept these things and most people think it needs to happen. It is called manipulation and eventual control of even your own food and drink. Little by little our rights are being taken away.And we are letting them do it.
    Sounds more like the famous leader in Germany in the 40’s. Telling jews what they can and can not do! Only it is all of us this time.Pathetic then, pathetic now.

  4. Mike says:

    Because nothing else in California needs attention.

  5. doud says:

    Please tell me what else I must do Mr. Government!!!!!

  6. redneckwriter says:

    Drue – If a kid can get ahold of it, they will use it. Parents aren’t around 24/7.

    Garbage – ever hear of just plain water?

    1. Lance Neufeld says:

      Good parenting leads to children making good choices. We certainly don’t need the government controlling what we, or our children choose to drink. Kids need to be aware of the ramifications that come with their decisions. Common sense, instilled at home, is the proper way to ensure our children choose wisely. Though parents can’t be around “24/7”, their influence certainly can.

    2. garbAGE says:

      Ever heard of electrolyte balance, losing salt and glucose through exercise?
      After an hour of exercise, you would have to have water with you and drink it thru out the session and for an hour after to replace them. This is not allowed in schools.

  7. logan says:

    Garbage – sure it may be okay for someone who is active, but the majority of students aren’t very active, yet they still drink gatorade, sodas, coffee, all day.

    1. garbAGE says:

      coffee and soda aren’t in the schools. I work there and it just isn’t happening.
      Everyone is required to attend PE> Do you know how many we send to the hospital each year when spring and summer hit with dehydration because teachers don’t allow them to get a drink during the hot times? A LOT! And when they get to the hospital, guess what they get? GLUCOSE IV! SAME calories as gatorade. Same thing gatorade produces in the body. Just saved everyone a bill, a trip and most importantly illness!
      ALL kids are active at school or they get detention,. And frankly I haven’t seen anyone is detention yet from not being active.
      These kids are gaining their weight at home.
      You are wrong the majority of the students ARE active,. But the overeat at home or parents are too lazy after a days work to produce quality food.
      Here;s what some people don’t realize….Activity isn’t the MAIN problem of these kids. Over eating is! No one has TAUGHT them how it works, what reacts in the body, etc.,… There are no programs in school that teach anything like this. Instead, we take things away without teaching them how to use it properly and in moderation. We show them pics of models and say oh this is not a real person, but hey, you don’t look like her so you are fat and ugly!
      Do you know what teens do when you take something away??? they find a way to get it and get more of it than ever! Why? Because we took it away without getting thru to them an understanding of what it does to every cell in the body.

      NOTHING is being done in schools to teach life skills, proper balance of foods and drinks, and health.
      They get topical garbage knowledge that just makes a teen resentful and they react instead of act.

      And while I am on a rant, if we quit lying to kids, they might have more respect for us and learn soemthing! Example…. Drugs are bad, they will kill you, Don’t use it you will die!
      Well we forgot one MAJOR thing in there folks! We forgot to be honest and tell them drugs feel good when you first start using! Over time, they kill you! And that little tiny piece of the pie is what kids say everyday! I hear it constantly! “Oh adults are full of it! It didn’t kill me, it felt great, here I will show you!”
      And we fail again because no one teaches the whole truth. Just end results. And in doing so, we kill a child every day because they don’t believe us any,more. We have lost all credibility in their eyes. And rightfully so!
      We take away things without teaching the whole truth about anything! We ask them to respect us, yet, we haven’t respected them in so many ways.

      1. James says:

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  8. Lance Neufeld says:

    What do you expect from a nanny-state? Still think the Democrats are on your side? Unfortunately, most voters are too ignorant to realize what is going on. This is a pattern that leads to full, governmental control.

    Still want a liberal democrat as your president? Look what they have done to California. It starts at the coasts and moves inland…

  9. The Devil's Advocate says:

    How are people supposed to make healthy choices when Big Brother is making all the decisions for us? Perhaps if these schools(and parents) would better educate children on nutrition, this wouldn’t be such a big problem. There is nothing wrong with sports drinks when your body is utilizing the calories, carbs and sugars. The problem is, most people have no idea how your body processes those ingredients. Also, we need to learn not to inundate our bodies with substances meant for a purpose, when we’re not using them for that intended purpose; i.e. drinking sports drinks while inactive. So, once again, because of our collective ignorance, the government feels the need to butt in and impose their will on us and our children.

    Hasn’t anyone ever heard the term, “Everything in moderation”?

  10. Robyn says:

    So we’re still making decisions based on the idea that sugar makes kids unable to sit still and learn despite the fact that every study disproves this? California, still not letting facts get in the way of telling people how to live.

  11. Bob Calvin says:

    Don’t our legislators have anything better to do? This moronic idea, licensing dod groomers, what’s next? What a bunch of nonsense. A part-time legislature would accomplish much more at les cost and get these elected pompous arrogant people back to doing real legislating!

  12. Selmers says:

    This isnt a case of what’s healthier, water or sports drinks, this is a matter of giving up the freedom to choose and asking the government to dictate what we eat, drink, do. Do you think this is the end? NO! This is the begining!

  13. John says:

    Don’t these politicians have anything better to do?…..say, like BALANCE THE BUDGET?!….Oh, wait, I forgot, the AMA BRIBED State Assemblyman Das Williams to author this bill. Yeap, $$$$ talks!

  14. jerome says:

    why not ban everything!!!i

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  16. Peter Kroesche says:

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    1. RN says:

      You are a very dangerous man and I can’t respect that. And the product of which you speak is too. Look up side effects of Stevia on children.

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