SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento-based bail bondsman has been accused of offering to get women out of jail in exchange for sex.

Ken Waters was in no mood to talk to CBS13 or show his face Tuesday night when we approached him at the Roseville city jail, but he’s been in front of the cameras before, including in a CBS13 interview a few years ago.

CBS13 asked him “Did you solicit some of your clients for sex Mr. Waters?” as a woman tried to stop us and he tried to block our camera.

So instead of turning himself in, he took off.

State and local investigators searched his Sacramento business office Tuesday. According to the Department of Insurance, his license was revoked in 1995, but his license is currently listed as active.

El Dorado County sheriff’s detectives say this investigation started after discovering concerning phone recordings at the jail between Waters and his clients.

Investigators say Waters took advantage of multiple victims during the past year.

Stacy Correa with One Way Bail Bonds said she doesn’t know Waters but finds the allegations very disturbing.

“I’m just shocked over the charges,” she said. “It puts a bad taste in everyone’s mouth for the whole industry.”

We learned that Waters did turn himself in after we left. He is facing charges of soliciting prostitution and an illegal bail transaction.

Comments (11)
  1. Sleezy bailbondsmen....... says:

    Stacy Correa, was apparently right on……….”It puts a bad taste in everyone’s mouth for the whole industry.” Interesting choice of words………

    1. Yes says:


  2. Pablo Cruz says:

    lol heard he was running his business out of a in and out burger joint to

  3. Richard Trino Savala says:

    If it sticks he’s an idiot and Stacy Correa is right with what she stated!!

  4. Joe says:

    Innocent til proven guilty but if true what should be “Yanked” is his bail license.

    1. Diane says:

      Absolutely!! –

  5. the viper says:

    wow sex to get out of jail .hmmmm thats a new one on me lol. but what crime has he really done .if my gf was arrested she would have to pay me back either in cash or well you get what i mean .come on there is no crime here if both parties agree to it . first off if the wemen in jail want to take that route then there should be crime . jail is not a fun place to be in . but it is really sick of him to take advantage of a women in this way .he must be what is called white trailer park trash .

  6. JP from Harris Co.Tx. says:

    What a freak. Hope the bond was small for his sake. I’d get out of the business and never show my face again.

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