WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The West Sacramento Islamic Center was vandalized overnight and leaders there are calling it a hate crime.

The center is under construction, being rebuilt, but leaders fear it won’t ever get done if someone doesn’t stop damaging their sacred place.

Abdul Karim Yusufzai on Saturday showed CBS13 the damage done by vandals, vandals he’s convinced are filled with hate.

“It is hate,” he said. “They know this is a community center, a religious building.”

Abdul is the president of the center. A window was shattered sometime on Friday. This follows six security camers being ripped from the building two weeks ago.

“I’m very sad,” he said. “I’m disappointed.”

Before going dark, those cameras captured two men, one seen clearly reaching for the camera.

And it doesn’t stop there. Three years ago, vandals broke into the previous Islamic center, tearing pictures off the wall and damaging their Quran. No arrests were made in that case.

“We have our the right to be here and our religion is a peaceful religion,” Abdul said. “We are not attacking people so in this neighborhood always we are under attack.”

Abdul is now asking for help, hoping soon they can pray in peace.

“Some of the community members have a bad feeling of their presence here,” he said.

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  1. cathy pieere says:

    surinder, did u have anything to do with the attack?

  2. garbAGE says:

    And two months ago, a Catholic church was also damaged quite severely..
    If it is a hate crime, it certainly isn’t towards the muslim religion specifically. It is towards all religions.

    1. bazman says:

      whats your point? A hate crime is what it is despite who it is against!

    2. bazman says:

      Some of what you mention is true about it being commited by sick people who cant accept the others. However i belive that if there is a rotten apple in a sac, the wise step would be to remove it before it spoils the rest of the sac. ie when we have a fanatic/ sick person or what ever you want to call them, he/she must be dealt with. Surrendering to it being rotten does not make things better!

  3. AJ says:

    Surinder did u do it?


  4. joe says:

    wonder why they don’t post guards from their membership. they could be on 2 hour watch from sundown to sunrise. just simple guard duty armed with flashlights and cell phone. about 2-3 should do it.

  5. ArkanTheHero says:

    The US media has always kissed islams a$$

    1. MAC49 says:

      100% Correct, and doubt it will ever change. The Media is also Liberal, Extreme Liberals

      1. Yes says:

        Wahhhhhhhhhhh………..those dam liberals!!!

  6. ArkanTheHero says:

    Željko Ražnatović stood up to these thug’s for their crimes against Christians way back to the ottoman empire and gave them a taste of their own medicine.

  7. Joe says:

    oh wait,
    you can’t produce one cause there obviously wasn’t some buddist temple that was vandalized with a muslim sign in it. why would a muslim person vandalize a buddist temple and leave a sign?> what a stupid post.

    1. garbAGE says:

      My point is, I am tired of hearing ‘hate crime’ against one religion or another, or against anyone!
      Hate crime is just another phrase for bigotry in an form. A crime is a crime. I am tired of labels and people saying OH THEY HATE ME! It is simply the fact there will always be crime, There are good humans and bad humans.
      Why not call rape a hate crime? Obviously the perp has no respect of love for their fellow man or woman. Hate crime phrase is becoming a political phrase to get more money and more hate. A crime is a crime.
      ALL crimes are based on hate, illness and or disregard for human life. It isn’t personal as most think. It is simply human sickos!

      1. bazman says:

        If you had just read alittle more about Islam before spitting out your illiterate hatefull comments you would know the least which is that the word “Islam” means peace.
        Another thing is that you can not take out single cases about any religon or interest group as you named them and stereotype all the group for the sin of a few sinnful. There is more then a biliion muslims in the world and its continous spread amoung people (fastest growing) must be built on a wise understanding.
        A word of advise for you and all other people who have there doughts, read a little in depth about Islam before giving out hatefull comments. This type of hate is built on the missunderstanding of others and/or ignorance.

      2. Yes says:


  8. classic... says:

    “…our religion is a peaceful religion”

    Then out the people in your organization that don’t preach peach…

  9. gop says:


  10. Paul says:

    This type of behavior leads to what is currenlty going on in the world.

  11. Skinner says:

    To the turd who called this a hate crime. Last month the Presbyterian Church down the street got tagged and windows broken. Why was this not called a hate crime?

    1. Shams Amin says:

      they could have if they wanted and its not the first attack this mounth on them

  12. MAC49 says:

    When you people understand that this only pertains to Islam, Muslim, or what ever you wish to call it, then everything will be just Peachy Fine. Christianity is not important. Islam and Muslim are the important one and no one can do or say anything negative about them, to them, So adjust Because other than them, NO ONE MATTERS, ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS!. Over the Time since BHO has became president and the liberal have power, ALL OTHER RELIGIONS ARE DOOMED!

  13. Shams Amin says:

    i have been to this mosque many times im from the area and Mr. abull karrim is like my uncle to me the this is acctionly the 3rd time this mosque was vanalized the seccond during constuction he is calling it a hate crime because of this and because of the attack 3 years ago i was there the nexed day 3 years ago when news and everything was there and just tell you guys that window and those cameas arent cheep so they if you have any info please contact the mosque or the police you can contact the mosque on this link: http://www.masjidaisha.com/#!contact

  14. jason says:

    Oh well. It’s a bad thing to happen, I guess. Move on.

  15. Tim says:

    The location of Islamic center is in the ghetto and surrounded by trailer park. I believe the location was not a good choice to build an Islamic center. It was clearly a “Hate Crime” motivated from narrow minded people. Media shapes our society and people fall under a heavy rhetoric thinking that Muslims are bad people. My advise is to go out and meet other race and religion before making a judgment based on media.

  16. LydiaLydia says:

    If you want to see hate crimes, research the religion of Islam which commands them to kill all infidels (non-believers). How about the honor killings of their own family members? I could care less about anything that happens to muslims until they rise up and speak out against the violence islam perpetrates world wide. Vandals are vandals and until someone is caught and they find out what the motive is, calling it a hate crime is the usual propaganda we see from any “special interest” group. Considering it is California, my first guess would be the anti-religion atheists.

  17. CR Herta says:

    By the way, my Muslim friends! How do you call when Iran wanted to put to death a man whose only guilt is that he decided to become a Christian?
    Or, how do you call, when a man is caught carring a Bible or a cross in many Muslim countries?
    Can Christians build a church in Saudi Arabia or other places?
    How do you call when many Christian believers were murdered in Sudan or Nigeria or Indonesia? Is your religion a peaceful one?
    Just think about that, and perhaps write to these Government to stop persecuting Christians in those countries…

    1. ArkanTheHero says:

      They are wolves in sheep’s clothing here in the USA demanding the rights that we would not have on their pi$$ing grounds. Pravoslavna C C C C !

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