SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Diane Williams did not see this coming.

“Oh my god. Thank you,” said Williams.

Williams has not had many moments like this in recent months.

Just last month CBS13 told her story, how she lost her job; then her apartment; how she and her two children, Lamonte and Lashelle, now live in a homeless shelter; how every morning they wake up and Lamonte rides light rail to school and Lashelle rides a bus to her school.

Lamonte and Lashelle are part of a rapidly growing number of teenagers who go to school in the morning but have no place to call home at night.

After we told their story, a CBS13 viewer, who saw it, decided to do something.

They gave their white van to Williams, Lamonte and Lashelle.

“We can’t afford a car payment. I’m floored, I’m floored,” Williams said.

No, there haven’t been many days like these recently for these three. But today was one of those days. And Williams, who is still looking for work, who is still living in a homeless shelter with her two kids, appeared as if she had just won the mega millions lottery.

“Thank you so much, thank you so much. Whoever you are, thank you for thinking of me and my family and you stay blessed. Man, I’m ecstatic, oh my gosh,” said Williams.

Comments (9)
  1. jkarnofsky says:

    Why not give the mom a JOB and a place to live???? I am not saying giving the mom a vehicle was not a good thing to do, but it is similar to giving the proverbial fish to the hungry man as opposed to teaching him how to fish…..

  2. Ron says:

    The thing is…how will she pay for gas, car insurance and registration?

    1. classic... says:

      agreed, this is a mixed blessing for her.

  3. Mom4 says:

    Well, giving her transportation provides a wat for her to get to her job when she gets it. then she can take care of insurance. the maybe even be able to put a roof over their heads.

  4. antihillbilly says:

    What are you insinuating?

  5. stan atkinson says:

    Yah, who is gonna pay for the registration, insurance, gas for the gas guzzler?

  6. JMHO says:

    Why was my comment deleted? I asked KOVR to share with us what kind of job she wants/skills she has to help facilitate a job. My statement was bumped? For what?

  7. Denymenot says:

    That is so great that Diane can also use that van to help others in the homeless shelter and be able to take her son to school in the morning. It is a great start.

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