SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 17 year-old male has been arrested on charges of murder and attempted robbery in connection to Friday night’s shooting at a possible cockfighting ring.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to reports of gunfire and assault at the 9500 block of Gerber Road.

In the backyard of a private residence, deputies discovered 32 year-old Ronnie Smith, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators found that Smith died from injuries he sustained during an assault at the scene.

Investigators say that the 17 year-old male had gone to the residence on Gerber Road with the intent to commit a robbery, which are directly responsible for Smith’s fatal assault.

Andry Karpach called authorities after the 17 year-old male had come to his door asking for help, claiming that he had been assaulted.

Due to his age, the identity of the 17 year-old male is being withheld.

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  1. Me says:

    The idiot 17 year old will end up being tried as an adult and end up spending most of his life in prison . He should have just gotten a job

    1. rmcsticks says:

      Born stupid die stupid

      1. Yes says:

        So true…

    2. Sac... says:

      He was probably Black or latino…You really think he wanted to work? duh!

  2. grapevine says:

    if the 17 year old can rob and kill, we should be allowed to know who this jacka$$ is, who protected the man from getting shot, so why protect this clown

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