EL DORADO (CBS13) – Beyoncé, the tiny rescue puppy that defied odds and survived, is no longer up for adoption.

Her owner, The Grace Foundation, says despite having received over 500 applications, the petite pooch will be staying put.

SLIDESHOW: Beyoncé – Possibly The World’s Smallest Puppy

In a statement on their website, the organization said Beyoncé will be used to help increase the adoption of rescue dogs: “We feel that it would be wrong to adopt her out to be loved by just one family when there is an entire country in love with her and a cause that needs her help and support.”

“So for the time being, Beyoncé will remain with The Grace Foundation and will continue to be an ambassador for the adoption of rescue dogs everywhere. The country will be able to continue to love her and watch her grow and everyone will all be able follow her life at Grace and her efforts to make a difference through our website and Facebook page.”

The Foundation is also concerned about Beyoncé’s health. At birth, she had to be resuscitated and was small enough to fit in a spoon. After two weeks of being fed by hand, she was almost as big as an Apple iPhone 4.

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The Foundation is no longer accepting applications for Beyoncé’s adoption; however, if Beyoncé becomes available in the future, they say her new owner will be selected from the applications they’ve already received.

On its website, the Foundation also make a plea for people to adopt rescue dogs.

“For all of you that opened your hearts and your homes to Beyoncé, please consider adopting one of the millions of rescue dogs that might otherwise end up being euthanized. These dogs may not be the smallest, but they all have their own amazing stories of survival and wonderful personalities to share with loving homes like yours.”

Beyoncé’s siblings are still up for adoption. They will not be available until after May 3 when they are at least 8 weeks old and ready to be spayed or neutered.

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  1. lu says:

    A wise decision Grace Foundation! Your protective attitude for Beyonce is one of the reasons I support the Grace Foundation thru United Way of Stanislaus. You do for animals what I wish I had the money & time to do. Thank you for doing it for me.

    1. Suzi Johnston says:

      My sentiments exactly! Now I’m probably sticking my nose into something that’s NOT my business, but…… you can support Grace Foundation directly without part of your support going to the United Way. Just a thought.

      1. lu says:

        Yes, I know, but it is a way for me to support both & also give credit to my employer. Obviously you understand the workings so I won’t go into detail!

    2. Name says:

      The Grace Foundation is exploiting that puppy. How inhumane! It’s all about publicity and funding after all.

  2. RT says:

    “The Foundation is also concerned about Beyonce’s health. At birth, she had to be resuscitated and was small enough to fit in a spoon.”

    If one were so concerned about Beyonce’s health, why was that poor puppy taken across the country and back at such a young age?

  3. Suzi Johnston says:

    I think Beyonce should be an ambassador for Grace Foundation & just stay with them forever.

    1. Puppy Protector says:

      Grace Foundation is exploiting that puppy. Guess it’s really all about publicity and funding. What that animal needs is a protective family not future trip overseas for the Grace Foundation’s gratification.

  4. sassafras says:

    Can we see more pictures of this little celeb as she grows?

  5. name says:

    Grace Foundation is exploiting that puppy who needs protected care. Guess it’s all about publicity and funding after all.

  6. Chim says:

    I think what Grace Foundation is doing is wonderful. And btw to those whom think they are exploiting this puppy are VERY wrong. WE are the voice that animals do not have and if going public with this this amazing story of LIFE, then so be it! Awareness is the only way things get accomplished.

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