SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There are more window pains at a downtown state building with a history of problems.

An office cubicle turned workplace hazard.

“An employee on the 18th floor heard some popping sounds,” said Jaime Garza, spokesman for the Board of Equalization.

What BOE managers found was an almost invisible crack.

“Looks just like a piece of hair, that’s how tiny it is,” Garza said.

The 3- to 4-inch hairline crack dated with blue marker may look like nothing, but it’s the latest in a long list of problems with the building at 450 N Street, and just the latest window problem workers have had to deal with.

In January a piece of decorative glass popped loose and fell more than eight stories to the sidewalk. In the past decade several other windows have met the same fate.

“We have had a number of unfortunate problems with the buildings in recent years,” said Eric Lamoureux with the Department of General Services.

While the Department of General Services, which owns the building, says it’s working aggressively to fix the problems, officials are still not sure what’s causing some of those problems.

Similar to Tuesday’s tiny crack, they still don’t know what caused the glass to fall in January’s incident.

“We’ll also be looking to investigate if we’ve got cracks elsewhere in the building,” Lamoureux said.

Meanwhile, managers are keeping people away from this latest mysterious job hazard on the 18th floor.
“We’re always being cautious,” Garza said. “You just never know, so we told employees near the window to move.”


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