By Kurtis Ming

Undergoing treatment for cancer, Joanne Comer has had more than her fair share of struggles the last few months.

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She didn’t expect she would have any hassle when she placed an order for a dress from — but when she said the dress was lost in the mail and Target wouldn’t help locate it, it was time to Call Kurtis.

The blue dress was perfect for her daughter’s baby shower, Comer said.

“I wanted the blue dress to symbolize that she was having a boy,” she told CBS13.

The order shipped March 6 via UPS, and the tracking number showed it was “transferred to post office” March 12, but Comer said weeks later, she still didn’t have the package.

Tired from chemotherapy, Comer said USPS couldn’t find the package, and Target wouldn’t help her track it down.

“I didn’t cry, but it was close,” she said. “I can’t make them understand why this is so hard for me.”

“There is a whole body of law on that,” said consumer attorney Stuart Talley.

Talley said most major retailers online, including Target, claim they’re not responsible for shipping problems.

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That’s because sometimes people lie about not getting packages — which can cost companies.

“That happens all the time,” he said.

UPS told CBS13 Target didn’t give them enough information. Generally, a UPS spokeswoman said, Target provides information so the USPS can track packages as well.

The U.S. Postal Service did not return CBS13’s requests for further information on the package status.

Target would not admit fault, telling CBS13, “We have worked directly with the guest to provide a full refund and offer a Target GiftCard.”

Comer still surprised her daughter at the baby shower — but wearing a different dress.

She said she has no plans to use the $30 gift card Target sent her.

“I will give it to charity,” she said. “I don’t want it.”

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If consumers’ packages are lost in the mail, Talley said contesting the charge with the company often helps resolve the situation. He said that puts the burden on the company to prove they fulfilled the order correctly. He also said consumers should read thoroughly the terms and conditions of a website to determine if the company has to help if your packages get lost.