By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s unclaimed money that the city will keep, if the rightful owners don’t speak up within the next month.

Michael Adams’ day just got a little better.

CBS13 found his name amongst the 15,000 on Sacramento’s unclaimed property list, and he’s entitled to $580.

“You aren’t going to believe this but I just spent, last Saturday, $571 on my truck,” said Adams.

Adams, 59, had no idea he was missing this money. Sacramento’s list of unclaimed property stretches back 20 years.

There are lots of names on this list and some of the more unlikely ones are the Sacramento Kings; Sacramento High School, the mayor’s own charter school; the DEA; and then, there’s this group called Criminals and Gangbangers Anonymous.

Sacramento’s finance director says the city simply doesn’t have the resources to call everyone.

They’ve advertised in newspapers, online, and used social media to get the word out, but they’ve set up a June 25, deadline for anyone to claim their dollars.

“On June 25, anything that remains unclaimed reverts back to the city, because, we have made every effort to return that property to the rightful owner,” said Leyne Milstein, Sacramento finance director.

But for Adams, it is money he still didn’t know was missing, until now.

Click here to see if your name is on the list.