CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) – A popular free fireworks show in Citrus Heights won’t happen this year.

You can see work being done to build a new stage for some big musical acts coming to town, but CBS13 talked to some people who live near the area who say they now have no plans to see fireworks come July 4.

For 15 years, the sky over Sunrise Mall was lit up to celebrate the stars and stripes.

“I really wanted to see them this year, last year they were fun,” said spectator Aldo.

This year, the fireworks at Sunrise Mall are being retired to make way for some other stars.

The money for fireworks will now go toward a summer concert series that the mall hopes to get more bang for its buck.

“It’s very impactful on our resources to do this one night versus five or six nights spread out over a period of time,” said Kathilynn Carpenter, Sunrise Mall Executive Director.

Aldo and his sister are among thousands who attend the fireworks every year that you can see from all over the area.

“My grandparents are older and can watch from home, there will be a lot of older residents in Fair Oaks that will be disappointed,” said Alicia Blevins, upset over canceled fireworks.

But as a new tradition begins, many are sad to see the old one fizzle out.

“Used to see them a lot but since they’re going to have that instead, I’ll just stay at home,” said one spectator.

The concert series will run through the months of August and September, and will cost at least $25 to attend, depending on where you sit.


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