SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento grand jury wants the Twin Rivers School District to replace most of its administration due to allegations of illegal activity.

It’s 93 pages long, detailed with allegations of a school district and police department accused of corruption.

“There is a lot to get through,” said Tom Janis, Twin Rivers School District assistant superintendent.

It’s far from light reading. The grand jury report looks more like a novel and plays out like a soap opera. It details allegations that have troubled the Twin Rivers School District and police department since its inception.

“We will be investigating every single one of them with integrity and address them in a appropriate manner,” said Janis.

Most of the improper conduct detailed in the report involves the district-run police force.

“A number of things in the report are pretty outrageous; there is no way of getting around it,” said Scott Lacosse, acting police chief.

The report accuses the Twin Rivers Police Department of mismanaging their evidence room, allowing almost the entire police force to use work cars for personal use, and also, officers mishandled a citizen’s complaint after harassing people at a housing complex.

The report details Twin Rivers police racing to calls in other jurisdictions, even one stop as far away as Vacaville.

Then there’s the tow quota, towing cars for cash.

“It’s part of the healing,” said Lacosse.

Lacosse took the position several months ago to help fix the problems. Many, he said, have already been addressed and this report will only help the department going forward.

“For a lot of staff here, they’ve really been looking forward to it, even though they know it’s going be very critical, because they know what the perception is and now they’re going to have the opportunity to talk about what’s been corrected,” said Lacosse.

The report also asked for a change in leadership within in the school district. A new school board begins working on July 10.

There will be no action taken before then.

Click here read the entire grand jury report.


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