danielle holt Sonora Woman Reportedly Slaps Boyfriend For Buying Wrong Beer

Danielle Holt

SONORA (CBS13) – A Sonora woman was arrested Wednesday night after she allegedly slapped her boyfriend for buying her the wrong kind of beer and then fought with responded deputies.

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the home of Danielle Holt, 27, at about 9:30 p.m. Holt’s boyfriend told them that she had gotten drunk and talked him into walking to the store to buy more beer.

When he returned with the wrong kind and refused to go back to the store, she slapped him across the face, the man said.

When deputies arrested Holt, she reportedly began fighting and screaming and had to be physically removed from the home.

She reportedly kicked a chair at her boyfriend and then kicked at the deputies as they tried to put her in the back of a patrol car. Eventually a Hobble restraint had to be applied in order to transport Holt to the county jail, where she was booked for battery and resisting arrest.


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