Chris Sheridan of joined the show to talk about some of the contracts that have been handed out during the early part of NBA free agency, including Brook Lopez’s 4-year, $60 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets that broke down any potential deal that could have sent Dwight Howard to Brooklyn from the Orlando Magic.  Sheridan discussed the madness that surrounded the seemingly imminent Howard trade, and how the future looks for Dwight as he enters the final year of his contract having openly requested a change of scenery.  He closed things up by comparing the two New York teams, breaking down the Knicks’ offseason moves (including the additions of Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby) to decide which team looks to be in better shape going into next season.

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Jason Thompson talked about his new contract with the Sacramento Kings, the first big-time contract he’s had in the league after his slotted rookie deal.  Grant and Jason discussed NFL Football as well, with Thompson being a diehard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Jason also explained why he’s happy to be back with Sacramento and how he’s coped with so many coaching changes during his young career.

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After devoting a good chunk of the open segments to Dwight Howard’s primadonna attitude towards playing out the end of his contract in Orlando, Grant’s Rant centered on the selfishness of certain athletes — including Howard and New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees, who isn’t happy with the $16 million offer from the Saints.

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John Smoltz checked in for his weekly visit before heading to Tahoe for next week’s golf tournament.  Smoltz looked ahead to the second half of the MLB season, starting with his solution to help the New York Yankees succeed in the second half.  He then moved on to the struggles of Tim Lincecum, with Grant saying that the Giants have to consider taking him out of the rotation.  Smoltz pointed out that the All-Star Break might be just what the doctor ordered for Lincecum, despite admitting that the leash has to be pretty short.  John closed with some kind words for the Pittsburgh Pirates, who had a hot first half and look to make a run at the postseason for the first time in twenty years.