Don begins by telling us about inadvertently startling Craig in his office before the show, then tells Craig he’ll be interviewing Weird Al Yankovic tomorrow after the show. Don then thanks Phantom and Phantom’s wife Jennifer for making Don and Janet dinner last night, as Janet is still recovering from her surgery. We then hear that Don got an email from one of his childhood friends who was part of the “D.O.T. Club,” in which Don gets updated on where the other D.O.T. kids are now, and this inspires Don to write a script for a “Made For TV Movie” on the D.O.T. boys. The guys help Don in deciding who should be casted for the movie.

The guys then play another edition of “$10 Pyramid.” This time around, The two Joes are paired up against Steve and Craig. The categories today include: “Beatles Albums”, “Joe Montana’s Greatest Passers”, “All About Slow Joe”, and “Schwarzenegger Movies.”

We then get a visit from Tommy Thayer, lead guitarist for KISS. Tommy tells us about replacing Ace Frehley in the band, his best and worst experiences onstage, the new KISS album, “Monsters,” which comes out in October, and their current tour co-headlining with Motley Crue. Tommy even does an intro for Phantom News!

Comedian Nick Kroll then stops by. Nick, who will be performing at the Punchline in San Francisco this Thurs through Sunday, tells us about being on the FX show “The League,” his first time ever doing stand up, the creation of his “Fabrice Fabrice” character, and his opinions on Fred Willard getting caught masturbating in a theater last week. We then hear a few news stories, including a Swedish man who was anally penetrated by a carnival ride trailer hitch, a man who took imitation Propecia and is now turning into a woman, and that Bruce Springsteen was “suicidal” in the 80’s. This gets the guys on a discussion of who are the best and worst solo musicians. Don especially hates Neil Young and Bob Dylan, but for some reason loves Kenny Loggins.

After Don reads the beginning of a new Kirk/Spock love story he was emailed, we hear clips of J-Lo giving Mariah Carey advice on being a judge for “American Idol,” the 1st degree murder charges brought against the douche bag shooter in the Aurora tragedy, and Mitt Romney saying “no gun control is needed.” It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about the passing of astronaut Sally Ride, at 61, an old woman who drove into a river after getting a car wash, and human excrement being left in the coffee pots at a Montana courthouse. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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