LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) – Getting around part of Lake Tahoe is about to get easier thanks to the new Tahoe Taxi.

It’s a water shuttle that will make stops around the north shore and Friday was the first day of service.

There’s a new way to see the beautiful North Lake Tahoe and it’s also the first public water transit system here since the 1930’s.

Forget Yellow Cab, Tahoe Blue is already making a splash in North Lake Tahoe. Instead of door to door, the water shuttle takes you from dock to dock.

You cant get this breathtaking view out of a car window and driving around the lake in snarled summertime traffic can give anyone the blues.

“Traffic is pretty bad up on the roads,” said visitor Adam Felson. “We come every year and it can be pretty brutal. Any alternative, other than driving, is always a plus, so you got my vote.”

Tahoe Blue can also save you some green. Renting a boat for the day can cost at least $200, while a trip between docks is $10; and a roundtrip is $40.

“That’s really convenient and really nice, it’ll be good to use,” said visitor Briana Parrish.

Service is between four popular spots on the north shore… If it’s a success, they hope to expand service all over the lake.

The service doesn’t only benefit visitors, but business owners are pumped too.

“If they aren’t renting boats or kayaks, they won’t venture down here and discover us. It’ll help bring people to us,” said restaurant owner Marsha Wagner.

They’re hoping for a wave of new business thanks to the new service that’s a new way to get around Tahoe.

“It’s the most fun way, that’s for sure,” said Felson.

An official grand opening happens August 8.

Even though the official opening isn’t until next week, visitors can ride the water shuttle starting Friday as they test the waters.

Reservations can be made online or over the phone.