KEYES (CBS13) – Friends are organizing a massive fundraiser to help two single mothers after a suspected drunk driver slammed into their home and destroyed some of their belongings.

There’s a huge hole in the home where a 4-year-old girl usually sleeps.

Kayci Jones and her daughter Ivy share the room that turned into a garage Friday night. Ivy happened to be spending the night at relatives.

“I would have put my baby to bed it was midnight she would have been in her bed. My daughter’s bed was against that wall”

The driver slammed into the home but missed hitting the three people inside.

“There’s somebody looking out for us,” Kayci said.

As the car careened into the small two bedroom home Kayci’s housemate ducked for cover, protecting her 7-month-old son in her arms.

“We heard a big boom and then dust and debris came into this way,” she said.

The crash destroyed much of their belongings, leaving the single mothers to pick up the pieces.

“We’re so lost we don’t even know what to do,” Kayci said.

Friends and family knew exactly what to do. They’re organizing a fundraiser and using Facebook and Craigslist to spread the word about this Saturday’s event at Keyes Assembly of God Church.

“I knew they would have to have money to relocate to replace items,” Terika Ramsdell said. “They are so modest; they aren’t asking for things themselves but I’m a mother and know it takes money to do those things.”

Amid a sea of rubble, they did find a glimmer of hope – a necklace from Kayci’s late father and her daughter’s prized birthday gift.

“My daughter got a pair of shoes for her birthday that she was very tickled about – little girl high heels – and that was the first thing she was worried about, and we found them


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