By Kurtis Ming

Call Kurtis first showed you program earlier this year that pays people to get their finances in order. It’s called MoneyWork$ and it’s offered by Sacramento non-profit Opening Doors. A new session begins September 24th and there are still spots open.

Terri and Raul Rivera, of Colusa know the fears that come with financial uncertainty.

“In past five years we’ve been really going back and forth on jobs, you know with budget cuts with the county. And I work with the county,” said Terri.

But the Riveras say they’re in a completely different place now than they were six months ago. After seeing the CBS13 story on MoneyWork$, they signed up.

“You sit on the couch, you’re not going to get anywhere. You’re going to be in the same rut over and over again. But if you come and listen to class, you’ll get some knowledge,” said Raul.

MoneyWork$ educates participants in a number of financial topics through group meetings, and hones in on participants’ specific goals in one-on-one sessions.

“Some people come because they want to cut their debt in half, or manage their student loans better, or establish an emergency fund,” said Nele Asche, MoneyWork$ Program Coordinator.

Asche says the program is open to low to moderate income participants. The cost is $50 to attend the six month program or $75 per couple. But after graduation, participants get double their money back.

“The idea was to give participants a little bit more of an incentive to stick to the program,” said Asche.

After attending MoneyWork$, the Riveras were able to budget in a new student loan and budget out needless spending.

“A lot more comfortable. The bills are all paid on time,” said Terri, “And our credit score has gone up.”

“A lot of our interest rates on our credit cards have gone down,” adds Raul.

The couple now plans to work toward buying a home and starting a small business.

“We’re not looking to get rich but we’re living within our means and comfortable and it feels good to be able to do that,” said Terri.

People interested in joining the MoneyWork$ program that begins on September 24th can contact Nele Asche, at Opening Doors: 916-492-2591.

Apply online:


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