RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Court documents reveal that the 19-year-old suspect accused of killing his sister-in-law, niece and nephew in Rancho Cordova on Tuesday was so feared by those closest to him that more than a dozen family members were listed in restraining orders against him.

In fact, two times last year Grigoriy Bukhantsov’s father went down to family court in hopes of keeping him away from family members. In those requests his father claimed the now accused killer may have had had plans to copy another local serial murderer.

suspect Court Documents Detail Violent History For Rancho Cordova Triple Murder Suspect

Grigoriy Bukhantsov

In both temporary restraining orders from late 2011, Aleksey Bukhantsov claimed his son Grigoriy physically assaulted members of the family – hitting them in the stomach and face while he was on drugs and alcohol.

But Aleksey was more fearful of what could come next. He stated in both orders that his son made multiple threats to kill family members.

Aleksey Bukhantsov told the court Grigoriy “slapped me on the face so hard I fell. He was using profanity while doing all of this, was threatening to kill family members like Soltys did.”

Grigoriy allegedly was referring to Nikolay Soltys, the Ukrainian immigrant who went on a rampage in 2001, driving around town killing his aunt and uncle, his pregnant wife, even his 3-year-old son. They were all stabbed to death.

In a restraining order request just two months later, Grigoriy’s father again mentioned the killer. On Dec. 7 of last year, Grigoriy allegedly threatened that he “will kill all of us like Soltys did.”

An eerie threat that investigators say Grigoriy eventually followed through on.

In fact, in Aleksey’s first order request he included Grigoriy’s three alleged victims. For a few weeks about a year ago, Grigoriy wasn’t allowed to come within 100 yards of a list of family including Alina, and little Emmanuela and Avenir.

Aleksey and his wife eventually moved out of state with their youngest son.


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