SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local junior college student is accused of bringing a loaded gun to class last week, but it’s what happened days before his arrest that had students fearful of what might happen next.

David Ming Lee, 21, appeared in front of a judge Monday for the time since police say they caught the Folsom Lake College student on campus with a loaded gun Friday.

“We are requesting a bail decrease in this case, and again we just got the police report,” defense attorney Alin Cintean said.

But according to court records, Los Rios Community College District police believe Lee is exactly where he’s supposed to be. In a request to put Lee’s bail at it’s current $1 million, an officer wrote “Students reported that Lee’s behavior as of late alarmed them so much that they fear attending class with him.”

When police approached Lee on campus, they said they’d find a loaded .40-caliber Glock handgun hidden in his waistband.

“There was some information regarding photos on his Facebook account,” Los Rios Police Chief Cheryl Sears said.

According to officers, one of the photos shows Lee appearing to point a gun at the camera.

A search of his home would reveal what police say was an illegal A-15 assault rifle that Lee had modified, and CBS13 found a video of Lee showing off a butterfly knife.

His parents didn’t want to talk Monday, and when we asked the attorney that appeared for Lee if he thought he was a a danger to society, he said. “Again, I don’t have enough information right now,” Cintean said.


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