By Kurtis Ming

A Rocklin woman says her brand new iPhone sounded muffled. When Apple refused to exchange it, she called Kurtis.

She says she had trouble hearing out of her iPhone 5 immediately after picking it up at the Apple store in Roseville.

She was still within the return policy, so why wouldn’t Apple replace it?

“I have almost every single generation of the iPhone,” says Rola Rabah, Rocklin resident.

Diehard Apple fan, Rola says she couldn’t hear properly out of new iPhone 5.

“There was a muffled sound, almost sounds like there was towel or piece of cloth over the speaker,” says Rola.

Rola says she brought it back within two weeks but Apple refused to take back the iPhone, saying these two screws were missing, showing she tampered with it. Rola says she didn’t.

“At this point, I’m borderline heart attack. I don’t know who’s opened my phone, I don’t know what is happening,” said Rola.

CNET’s Senior Editor, Jessica Dolcourt, says she’s never heard of iPhones being shipped without screws, however…

“It would take a lot to unscrew your phone and go into it. I’m looking at the phone now, screws are very, very tiny. I don’t even have a screw driver at home that would unscrew this,” said Dolcourt.

But what about the muffled speaker? Christina Bonnington, Staff Writer with Wired, says with any product, there are bound to be some bad apples.

“They’re shipping and producing mass quantities of these electronics and sometimes, mistakes happen and faulty hardware pieces slip through,” said Bonnington.

We reached out to Apple, they told us they “had nothing to add to our story” about the return issue or the muffled speaker.

After Rola contacted us and emailed Apple CEO, Tim Cook, she got a call from Apple’s executive team, offering to exchange her phone for a new one.

“Happy, victorious and I got what I deserved,” said Rola.

This time, Rola made sure her phone had screws. And the call quality?

“This what it’s supposed to sound like, it’s sharp, it’s clear and it’s great,” said Rola.

We found other people online complaining of the muffled sound.

CNET’s Jessica Dolcourt says so far, their tests have not shown the same issue.

But if it’s happening to you, let me know about it.


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