SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Old Sacramento security guard shot twice on New Year’s Eve, trying to prevent more violence, speaks out for the first time from his hospital bed.

Stefan Walton was working security near the Sports Corner Cafe when he heard the gunshots on New Year’s Eve.

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Stefan says he didn’t think, but just jumped into action, heading straight toward the gunfire to take down the gunman.

“I’m hearing gunshots inside the bar,” said Walton. “I have to go in there.”

Walton literally took two bullets to save innocent lives.

“Once I saw the gun, I knew I had to stop him,” he said.

Walton says it was an instant decision to take out the gunman.

“I heard the shots fired, and when I opened the door I saw the gentleman looking,” said Walton.

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The gunman fired several rounds at Walton, hitting him twice and knocking him to the ground. However, Walton stood right back up, and returned fired.

“I hit him twice, and he was like, it didn’t phase him,” said Walton.

Police moved in and were able to arrest the shooter, but not before two of the four victims died.

Walton doesn’t want to be called a hero, but believes more lives would’ve been lost if he didn’t fire back.

“It could have been a lot worse because the guy was going to keep shooting. He was in a zone,” said Walton. “There’s no other way to describe it. It was like he was playing a video game.”

Now Walton is in a hospital bed recovering physically and mentally from those two gunshot wounds he took in an incredible act of bravery.

“I still can’t believe it was happening,” Walton said. “That kind of stuff doesn’t happen in Old Sac.”

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Amazingly, Walton could be out of the hospital in just a couple of days.