FOLSOM (CBS13) – Forget spicy food to help a pregnant woman deliver her baby faster, there’s a new remedy that’s already helped hundreds of women give birth.

Pregnant women, listen up. There is now pizza by the slice that is labor inducing, and nice.

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“Each restaurant sees 10 to 12 pregnant ladies every night,” owner Kent Ibsen said.

Rumor has it, hundreds of woman order the “preggo pizza” at Skipolini’s Pizza & Pasta in Folsom;, and minutes later, they go into labor.

“We’ve had ladies go into labor. I mean, their water’s broke right in the restaurant,” said Ibsen.

The history started with one hungry pregnant lady.

“The geniuses of the preggo pizza came about 30 years ago. A lady came in and said ‘you have to make me something to have this baby.’ So, we went into the kitchen, grabbed everything we could find, and she went into labor that night,” said Ibsen.

The preggo pizza has 13 toppings on it, including big chunks of fresh garlic, oregano, and a lot of fresh food.

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“Who knows, maybe it starts with mild indigestion and then the baby is like, ‘let me out. I got to get out of here,’ ” said Ibsen.

Even doctors believe the pizza can cause a woman to give birth early.

“We have had so many successful stories. Doctors send their patients to Skipolini’s pizza when they are having trouble having the baby,” manger Victor Perez said. “They say you have to go to Skipolini’s.”

But beware, this pizza place is not a hospital.

“As soon as they get the pizza, I let them know, ‘make sure as soon as you start feeling something, you have to let us know. We are not set up to deliver babies — only make pizzas,’ ” said Perez.

That is just what they are doing: serving up to thousands in Northern California with the hopes the next slice will bring new life.

“It carries an Italian guarantee; it’s never failed. We guarantee, if she comes in, she will have the baby. We have no idea when, but it will come out,” said Ibsen.

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Skipolini’s has locations in Rocklin and Folsom.