The day begins with the most obvious story to start with: the Manti Te’o “dead girlfriend” hoax. The guys try to analyze the bizarre story coming out of South Bend about the Notre Dame linebacker and his “girlfriend,” who supposedly dies of Leukemia. Apparently, the girlfriend doesn’t exist, and there are so many conflicting reports about the “relationship” that no one is really sure what to make of this. Don is certain it’s one of two things: Te’o is either ridiculously stupid, or gay.

We then hear about yesterday’s post show meeting, in which Craig, who swears he has African American friends, showed the guys a picture of his friend Maria on Facebook. Drew thought she was cute, so Craig thought he’d try to hook them up. He gives Don her phone number to call on the air, and when she doesn’t answer, the guys start accusing Craig of pulling a Te’o. Actor Conrad Bain passed away at the age of 89 yesterday, so Don gives Abe Vigoda another call to see if he has any stories about the late “Diff’rent Strokes” star.

After Don gives a personal message to G.M. Steve, we get into another phone scan with the listeners, before we get a visit from NFL on Fox’s James Brown. JB talks about his holiday season with his grandchildren, this weekend’s playoff games, and his take on Manti Te’o. After JB, Craig tells us that Maria had overslept, but is awake now, and ready for the guys to call her. She talks with the guys about being friends with Craig, the kinds of guys she dates, the place that she hangs out on Sundays with Craig and their gang, and most importantly, meets Drew!

We then hear that Little Joe Andrew Dice Clay, who is supposed to be on today, and in the meantime Chris Myers from NFL on Fox and Nascar on Fox stops by. Chris talks about the Atlanta/Seattle game last week, gives his picks for the NFL conference championship games, tells us about getting ready for the NASCAR season and he also gives his take on Manti Te’o.

After an exclusive “Black Larry King” interview with “Bane,” and a video of Tia eating Tamera’s placenta, it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, a Te’o update, Kelly Ripa gets botox in her armpits, and Samuel Adams new line of Utopias beer. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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