MODESTO (CBS13) – With the help of a GPS device, a home invasion victim was able to lead Modesto police to the suspects.

The victim was able to lead police to the suspects’ home, where he found his stolen truck parked outside. Officers then found the man’s guns inside the house next door.

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Lined in a row, police recovered more than a dozen guns, mostly rifles.

“While securing the house, in plain view, we located several weapons we believe were taken during the home invasion,” Modesto police Sgt. Steve Hinkley said.

The bust wouldn’t have happened without the help of the home invasion victim.

“The victim was able to escape and notify us of what happened,” said Hinkley.

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After calling the police, the victim checked out a GPS hit on stolen electronics.

“We are several miles away. Probably, without that key piece of evidence, it would have taken us awhile to piece this whole thing together,” said Hinkley.

The home on Leon Avenue is the same place a man was murdered in early January, but police don’t know if the crimes are in anyway connected.

“Obviously, with the amount of guns taken, we want to make sure they get back in the hands of the people who have them, make sure they don’t get on the streets and in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them,” said Hinkley.

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Five people were detained Thursday, and arrests are expected to follow.