Grant was in San Antonio as he was preparing for the Sacramento Kings game against the Spurs on Friday, but his heart was definitely in Sacramento. With Mayor Kevin Johnson preparing to give his State of the City Address to a packed house at Memorial Auditorium, Grant dedicated his show to talking about the major equity investors that could be announced by the Mayor and the impact a downtown arena could have on Sacramento’s economy. Grant took a lot of calls from dedicated Kings fans, as today was set to be an important day for the citizens of Sacramento.

Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee joined Grant to discuss the Mayor’s State of the City Address as it relates to the Kings.

Lillis discussed the magnitude of the Mayor’s speech, the City Manager’s timeline for setting up an arena term sheet, John Kehriotis’ last second interest in buying the Kings, the potential monetization of downtown parking and the importance of thorough journalism with all the reports that have come out regarding the Kings.


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