DAVIS (CBS13) – New developments are emerging in the case against a UC Davis researcher accused of explosives and weapons charges.

Investigators searched the apartment of David Snyder on Thursday night. In video exclusive to CBS13, hazardous materials teams can be seen leaving with bags of evidence.

Snyder, 32, is accused of setting off an explosion on January 17 inside his Davis apartment. Investigators say he had both liquid and solid explosive materials, and charged him with possession of explosives.

Investigators haven’t provided details on what was found or what they were looking for.

UC Davis professors who knew Snyder were told not to talk. But one man, who has ties to Snyder and the university, believes the suspect was doing his own research and not plotting an attack.

“I don’t see any evidence in this case that this guy was actually intending harm,” the source said.

The explosion and terrorism expert would only tell his story if we disguised his face and voice, because he worries speaking out could hurt those he’s connected to at UC Davis and the police department.

“When looking at a case like this, how much of this is ‘well you could use it for that’ and how much of it is ‘it was going to be used for that,’ ” he said.

Snyder’s attorney argues he didn’t have enough hazardous chemicals to do any real harm but prosecutors paint a very different picture.

“There were the finished components of bombs located,” prosecutors said in court.

In a court hearing in January, prosecutors confirmed what CBS13 first reported, Snyder is accused of dumping explosive materials and evidence in dumpsters around Davis. Prosecutors fear he may not have acted alone.

“He did possibly have help,” prosecutors told CBS13 in January but would not comment if the possible second suspect would face charges.

No second suspect was ever arrested.

“If they were just interested in making something go bang and making something big go bang, there are much simpler things they could do with much simpler ingredients,” the expert said.

Snyder has posted a $2 million bail but is not permitted to return to campus without first notifying UC Davis police.

He is set to return to court March 14.