We start the day with all the things falling apart in the studio, including Phantom’s microphone crapping out, and the broken AC that is making the control room ridiculously cold. The guys then discuss Tiger Woods’ announcement that he’s dating Lindsey Vonn, and the start of March Madness, before Little Joe tells us about a jerk texter he called during the break, and Drew tells us about his love for old school video games. We also hear about an “Oceans 11” style heist of an Australian casino, resulting in the loss of $32 million. This gets the guys talking about their favorite heist movies, which soon segues into their favorite stoner movies.

We then get a visit from our good buddy, Dennis Hof. Dennis gives us an update on Ron Jeremy, tells us about his St. Patrick’s Day weekend at the Bunny Ranch, and introduces his “Stimulus Program” for those getting their tax returns. After Dennis, Craig shows us his new game, involving famous rock bands and their original band names, and callers play along to win Kings tickets to tonight’s game. The guys then rock another Rotating Random Phone Scan, before Drew tells us about a woman who hid over 600 pills in assorted body parts, and the guys discuss where is the best place to hide things of that sort on themselves. We also hear about 15 things that turn 30 this year, before it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Teenagers who don’t date do better in school, Lil Wayne is released from the hospital, Lindsay Lohan gets sentenced, and the Black Eyed Peas are replacing Fergie. And as always, the show wraps up with a caller 100!


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