The Grant Napear show started off talking about the Kings deal and the vote taking place tomorrow. Grant said that mayor Kevin Johnson was extremely confident that he could put forth a very convincing deal to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

Grant was joined by Ken Berger from CBS Sports. Grant asked Ken how he felt the about the Kings deal and whether the Kings would stay in Sacramento. Ken said that the community of Sacramento has put forth so much effort and done everything it has been asked. He also commented that he felt that the Kings belong in Sacramento but was not completely sure how the vote would go.

During Grant’s Rant, he fumed about the referee Ed Rush who offered officials 5,000 dollars or a trip to Cancun if they hit Miller with a technical foul or ejected him. Grant said that even if he was joking he should know that, as an official, there are things you should not joke about.

Grant was then joined by Kacey Pratt from CSN Bay Area. Kacey talked about the A’s chances and how they will bounce back from losing their opening game. Kacey also commented on the amount of talent the A’s have in the bullpen and that he expects the A’s to be a very good team this year.

Former Sacramento King Francisco Garcia joined the Grant Napear show. Fransisco talked about how excited he was to come back to Sacramento and talk with his former teammates. Grant asked Garcia if he would arrive early just so he could talk with some of his friends from the Sacramento Kings. Francisco said that he’s excited, but it is business first, it is important for his team to win so he will arrive at his normal time.

The last guest on the show was Tim Brando from CBS Sports. Grant asked Tim what he thought about Florida Gulf Coast making it so far in the NCAA Tournament. Tim commented on how amazing it was that a team no one had hardly ever heard of made it so far and shocked so many people. Tim also commented on how bad people’s brackets were due to Florida Gulf Coasts success.


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