By Ron Jones

LODI (CBS13) – A nationwide run on guns and ammunition is leaving some local police departments short on supplies — they’re running out of bullets.

Fewer bullets have led to some big changes for local officers. However, this isn’t just a challenge facing the men and women of the Lodi Police Department, but anybody wanting to buy guns and ammunition.

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“We’re getting on the lower end of ammunition right now,” said Officer Eric Bradley.

Lodi police may have fallen victim to a nationwide run on guns and ammunition.

“We’ve placed our order several months ago,” said Bradley.

They have plenty of guns but they’re still waiting for ammo that was ordered last August, and are now forced to modify their training.

“We have kind of asked the officers to be a bit more cognizant of the extra training they do involving ammunition,” said Bradley.

“Ammunition is hard to find right now,” said Alain Mason, Lodi Professional Firearms owner.

As a gun dealer of 20 years, it’s even difficult for Mason to find bullets.

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“It’s hard to find. It’s hard to keep on the shelf, and there’s a shortage nationally for a variety of reason,” he said.

Those in his industry believe pending gun control legislation and the recent horrific school shootings has motivated people to buy — driving the price of bullets up.

“For example, we have boxes of ammunition we used to see for $8 a box that we are now selling for $20 to $25 a box depending on what we have to pay. Yes, it’s gone up dramatically,” said Mason.

Brittan Thomas lives in Winters and travelled almost 70 miles to buy ammo.

“Pretty hard to find, I think everywhere up near Sacramento is pretty much sold out,” he said.

It’s basic economics.

“It’s supply and demand. Everybody places their orders, the government, other agencies, private people,” said Bradley.

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Lodi police also tell CBS13 that despite these changes the citizens are still safe in the city. Officials say they’re hoping to have a new shipment of ammunition by next month.