SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s sweet success for two Sacramento business owners, whose soda startup is taking off across Northern California.

It isn’t just any soda either. The recipe is actually older than Coca-Cola.

The local business owners are almost as refreshing as the beverage they are selling.

“We are jolly soda makers,” said co-founder Payam Fardanesh.

Silk Road Soda Company is a new twist on something really old.

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by Dr. John Pemberton. Now, the Silk Road Soda Company has only been in business for a year, but their recipe is much, much older.

“Dated back to Hippocrates, we found his writings about this recipe,” said Fardanesh.

Fardanesh’s grandmother, Farrah, used to make the drink for him when he was a kid.

“It doesn’t have the carbonation. We added the carbonation for the American palate,” he said.

And it’s really starting to take off.

“It’s almost miraculous as a business equation,” said Fardanesh.

The company has connected with a distributer out of Auburn, and soon shoppers will be seeing it in many Northern California stores like Whole Foods and Nugget.

“My brother actually saw someone at a restaurant the other day ordering one, and he text me right away: ‘How cool is this?'” said Fardanesh.

Just so they never forget where this all came from, each bottle has a little reminder.

“(My grandmother’s) name is printed on every bottle,” said Fardanesh.

Currently, the soda can be found in specialty restaurants around Sacramento and Roseville.

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