Sacramento is rising in the start-up and technology world and the entire region is blossoming with possibilities. The start-up and techno climate is definitely welcoming, with affordable infrastructure and housing as a plus. Add in the State Capitol, a very qualified hiring pool, and it is obvious that Sacramento is continuing to be attractive to multiple layers of talent in the I.T. sphere.

John Nogrady, chief technology officer, Kamere (photo courtesy of John Nogrady)

John Nogrady, chief technology officer, Kamere (photo courtesy of John Nogrady)

John Nogrady has been in the computer field since his days at Virginia Tech. He was certain that computers and the I.T. field would be playing a major part in the personal and business worlds, and jumped right in. His path to Kamere Inc. includes stints with WebMethods, Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team and Blue Point Technologies, among others. It all lead to chief technology officer at Kamere.

Where did you earn your degree?

“Computer science was my first and only major in college. I graduated in 1986 with a bachelor of science in computer science from Virginia Tech. In my senior year of high school, I took my first computer class. I was always very strong in math and had played around with computers, so I thought a computer class would be a natural course for me. I also recognized that computers would play a big role in our future and I wanted to be a part of it.”

What is the focus of your company?

“Kamere is a start-up technology company that is developing a cloud-computing platform and mobile application that enriches people’s lives by connecting people and organizations with personalized, meaningful inspirational content that can be shared across major social networking platforms.”

How has your education been of benefit to you in your career?

“I continually invest in my learning in the computer and technology field. Technology is always changing and growing; it isn’t a static field. If you are not continually learning and expanding your knowledge base, you will fall behind.”

Could you have reached your present position without your educational endeavors?

“My education certainly supported my career path. I fundamentally believe that much of my success is due to my quest to continually learn and to keep current on the latest technology developments. In my present position as CTO of Kamere, my math and computer science background are key to the development of Kamere’s cloud-computing platform and mobile application.”

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