Rob McAllister

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Josiah Humphreys died two months ago and no one’s been caught. He took his last breath at 18th and P Streets, and tonight his father hopes that by the Guardian Angels passing out flyers, someone will come forward with new information.

“He means the world to me. He’s my son, he’s my own flesh and blood,” said Larry Humphreys, Josiah’s father.

For Larry, nothing can take away the pain he feels as relives the murder of his son.

“I ache a lot and inside I’m hurting and aching,” said Larry.

Josiah had just spent the night with good friends, hanging out in midtown Sacramento. And during his walk home alone, police say there was some type of argument between the 28 year old and three men. Investigators say the trio beat Josiah to death.

“I’m totally shocked. Everyone is just shocked that this type of thing could happen to him because of who he was and what he was like,” said Larry.

Larry says Josiah never fought with anyone, so he wants answers. And he turned to the Guardian Angels for help.

“It was a father’s plea for his son,” said Guardian Angel Patrick Kent. “I have boys myself and if I put myself in that position I would want somebody to help myself.”

Witnesses say one of the suspects had on a New York Yankees sports jacket, something uncommon to be wearing around midtown Sacramento. Josiah’s dad believes that’s the clue that will lead to the killers’ arrests.

“There were too many people in the street not to see that,” he said. “They might not know him, but somebody does.”

A $15,000 reward is being offered in the case. Larry believes that at some point, the killers will be caught.


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