With the Long Live The Kings rally only one day away, Grant kicked off the show by discussing the long list of guests who plan to attend the rally on Thursday at Cesar Chavez Park, and reminded Kings fans that they won’t want to miss the event. Grant discussed the draft lottery that happened Tuesday night and gave an early perspective on what the Kings might do with their seventh overall pick. Grant also spent some time discussing and sharing his take on Sergio Garcia’s ill-chosen comments toward Tiger Woods.

Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com joined Grant to talk about the upcoming draft.

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Howard-Cooper shared his take on who the top draft pick will be and talked about meeting with all of this year’s NBA prospects, the decision the Kings’ new ownership has to make regarding DeMarcus Cousins, the possibility that the Kings hire a new general manager and head coach, and whether or not the NBA should get rid of the lottery system in the draft.

Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee spoke to Grant today about some of the recent news surrounding the Kings.

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Lillis discussed the sale of the Downtown Plaza to the Kings’ new ownership group, the timeline of building the new downtown arena, the Kings rally taking place in Sacramento on Thursday and the makeup of the many members of the Kings’ new ownership group.

Eric Hasseltine, broadcaster for the Memphis Grizzlies, came on the show with Grant to discuss the Western Conference Finals.

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Hasseltine shared his thoughts on the Grizzlies’ two losses against the San Antonio Spurs, the matchups between the two teams, the discipline and perennial success of the Spurs, and what the Grizzlies need to work on to come back in the series.