DAVIS (CBS13) – An Eagle Scout project rolling through Davis is helping kids with disabilities feel comfortable riding a bike.

“This is one of the bikes I edited,” said Eagle Scout candidate Willie Hawkins.

Hawkins is becoming an Eagle Scout, but he’s also an inspiration.

“It’s been maybe a six-month process,” said Mike Inchausti, an inclusion specialist at Holmes Jr. High.

The project all started from a family friend with a big idea.

“I thought of a program to get kids with developmental disabilities some independence,” said Inchausti.

Willie is using his skills and bikes donated from the community to bring this program to Davis. In the past, week-long camps have temporarily provided bikes to kids with disabilities, but the cost made it impossible to bring back every year.

“Most of the kids I work with will never drive a car, so if you live in Davis and ride a bike you can pretty much go anywhere,” said Inchausti.

These bikes are handcrafted to help build confidence.

“Everybody loves to ride a bike,” said Inchausti.

You can see the larger tires to improve balance and removable handles in back for learning.

“I needed to know how to fix old bikes and weld parts for the bikes,” said Hawkins.

It’s simple for Willie, but the impact for the kids has been life-changing.

“The kids seem to enjoy them, seem to be easier to ride,” said Hawkins.