Keith says the last couple of days of sports has been filled with negativity due to the A-Rod story so today’s theme: POSITIVITY.

Keith and Dave talked about the Tiger-Phil rivalry and the mutual respect the two golfers share.

In our “Beyond The Field-Off Sports Headlines,” Keith talked about Kanye West’s interest in purchasing Graceland, the old man Harrison Ford will be in the next Expendable’s movie, and Johnny Depp blames critics for the poor box office numbers for “Lone Ranger.”

The NBA schedule is out with the Kings playing 8 of 10 games at home. Keith and Dave think the Kings could get off to a nice start with the home cookin’.

Wednesday’s Five BIG questions:
1. The Kings schedule is out. Sacramento opens the season Oct. 30 at home against Denver. Prediction time: how many games do the Kings win this year?
2. The NFL intends to more strictly enforce unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.
What would you say to Roger Goodell about these lame rules? Who had the best touchdown celebration of all-time?
3. Best story in baseball: Pirates or the Braves?
4. Tiger Woods says he does NOT have to win the PGA championship to have a good year. Do you agree?
5. The A’s lose to the Reds 3-1 and the offense continues to struggle. The Rangers are now ONE game back. How important is this morning’s game against the Reds?

Keith and Dave also talk about the NFL odds headed into the season and the controversial headline in today’s Bee.

Carmichael Dave is the biggest loser with most red cards of the day.


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