By Ron Jones

AUBURN (CBS13) — A beloved restaurant mascot has disappeared, and its owners are hoping someone will help make sure this stolen pig flies again.

Super Porky disappeared from his home on top of the Flying Pig BBQ in Auburn at some point over the weekend, said restaurant manager George Miller.

“Friday night when we closed he was here. he was hanging above the door out there,” he said. “If they bring him back, no questions, no problem.”

Now the search is on for Porky, who is made out of 40 pounds of redwood and wears a superhero cape.

“Maybe he’s in somebody’s belly right now,” said Koda King of Auburn.

There have been sightings—allegedly.

“You know what, I think I did see him. I did.”

King swears there’s only coffee in her cup.

Between cooking up turkey, beef and pork, they’re also handing out flyers, because this is more than a mascot to George and his employees—it’s family.

“He’s cool. I even got a tattoo of him.”

Police have yet to find any clues on a perpetrator in Porky’s purloining.


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