By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento City Council voted to make it easier for big-box stores to build inside Sacramento’s city limits.

Reaction to the vote to repeal what some call a ban on the massive grocery retailers is fiery.

Those opposed to the stores are outraged, while those in favor were overjoyed.

The vote divided a packed chamber between those touting the opportunities big boxes bring, and those saying they will do more harm than good.

The council vote came amid a call by one group for Mayor Kevin Johnson to recuse himself of the vote.

Eric Sunderland filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission alleging Johnson has a conflict of interest in the vote after his charities received an alleged $600,000 from Walmart last year.

The mayor’s spokesman said the complaint has no merit and the mayor would not comment.

Johnson voted to lift the ordinance against big-box stores.

The new ordinance means superstores will not need to submit to an economic-impact analysis if they are part of a planned-unit development, if they are expanding to an already existing store, or if they are in an area called a food desert—where people have no options for groceries currently.

It’ll take effect in July of 2014.

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