By Derek Shore

LODI (CBS13) — The search is on for the child who pulled the trigger on a Lodi Police officer’s gun, while residents wonder why officers didn’t make contact with the boy right after the shooting.

Lodi Police say it happened at a recent children’s street fair, where officers interacted with kids and showed them equipment.

They say an unknown boy was somehow able to get the gun strapped in a holster on the officer’s leg.

“Once it happened, he obviously started dealing with his injury to his leg, and making sure the immediate area was safe,” said Lodi Police Lt. Sierra Brucia.

And that’s when the child disappeared into the crowd.

John Deaser is a gun expert and owner of Just Guns in Sacramento. He showed us a gun similar to the one involved in the shooting. He says the Glock pistol has no safety, which makes it a common gun for departments.

“You would want to be more aware of having an accidental discharge,” he said. “It’s a good reminder for people out there to just take a little extra precaution.”

He says it all has to do with the position and the holster.

“Most guns, they want to cover the trigger.”

In this case, officers say the department holster may not have been completely effective.

“The opening to the holster is a little bit larger, and our particular model leaves the trigger a little bit exposed.”

That’s something the department says it’s looking into.

As for Lodi parents, it’s a reminder that guns and kids don’t mix.

“If you’re going to be out here where you know there is going to be a lot of children, you have think a little more about safety.”


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