By Cambi Brown

WILTON (CBS13) – When making water rescues like the ones in Colorado, rescue crews say every second counts, and every move they make is vital.

“This is scary,” said Mike Turnbell.

Turnbell trains first responders at Rescue 3 International, one of the leaders in swift-water rescue training, like the one caught on camera in Colorado making national headlines.

Rescuers first step is to make sure they’re safe before they go in.

“They’ve got some lines on the car to keep it from moving,” Turnbell said of the Colorado rescue. “They don’t want it to go downstream.”

Quickly using a tow truck, the car was moved.

“They’re pulling this out, away from the main current. Now they’re going to check to see if there’s someone in it,” said Turnbell.

Finding a man trapped inside, first responders then checked his condition, handed him a life jacket, and told him to crawl out of the overturned car.

But in just seconds, the situation went from bad to worse.

“That’s what I was afraid would happen,” said Turnbell.

Suddenly, the car tipped over onto its roof, and the victim disappeared.

Every second counts, as rescuers fought the current to get to the man, and try and pry open the door.

In the end, their training paying off as rescuers got the door open against the rushing water, and getting to the man who is alive and able to walk.

“It’s a win. These guys are heroes,” said Turnbell.

Turnbell plans to use the video in future trainings.


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